Should I or Shouldn’t I?

I’m in a dilema! A shopping and moral dilema! I just sold some high quality items on eBay and now have a hefty sum of mozarella in my paypal account. Now, while my items were selling and being bid on, I casually glanced at a few auctions for my lust item…The Damier Speedy 30. Now I know that I don’t necessarily need the bag, but DAMMIT! I want this bag on my arm! I do! I really, really do! It’s like imperative that I have this bag, stat! I feel so crazy! I wanted to drive down to Neiman Marcus or the LV Boutique and just plunk down my card and purchase the damn bag! But alas! I did not drive down to get my bag! Why? Because I have damn bills! That’s why! Because I said that no matter how much money I got from these auctions I was going to be a damn responsible adult!…..BLAH!!!!!!!

So now my head is constantly filled with day dreams of this bag! Well, it has been oh, since last July when they were available for purchase in the LV stores rather than having to special order them! What should I do?! Do I pay my bills and be responsible and constantly think about this bag? OR do I just go buy the bag and only pay a little bit of my bills! LOL that sounds so stoopid writing it out! UGH! I hate being a grownup! I long for those days of living at home and doing what I pleased with my scraps of money! Oh well. Just had to share with you all my ‘dilema.


3 Responses to “Should I or Shouldn’t I?”

  1. don beezy Says:

    damn i don’t even know what to tell you, but you would look pretty fierce with that bag on your arm!

  2. *B* Says:

    don’t I know it! LOL! I’m silly!

  3. Cam Says:

    I hate this bag, it totally looks like a guys bag. It reminds me of a barbers bag. But to each its own, I guess.

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