Patron, Hennessy, Crown Royal

Don’t mix! I feel like death warmed over! I love ice cold shots of Patron that have been poured over ice and shaken and then served to me with a huge slice of lime. But, I also have a love for dark liquors. Hennessy used to be my vice Sophomore year in College. Crown Royal is just my ish. But now, I feel like someone was beating my head all night and when I woke up they stopped. I can’t sleep anymore because apparently I took a sleeping pill last night so I would just completely pass out; which I did. When I woke up to my phone ringing, I thought perhaps I just might die. You know that feeling when you are dead sleep and you forgot your phone was on the loudest ringer ever AND vibrate! OMG! my heart still hasn’t stopped beating! Anyways, I walk into my living room and my door is unlocked and my keys are on the floor right by the door…um WTF! I must be crazy! But not as crazy as someone named “T” who repeatedly called my cell phone for 4 hours straight, left voicemails and massive amounts of text messages. Who is this person? Shyt, I don’t know. A pimp never reveals her secrets! LOL i’m silly. But really, I must have been gone, because I don’t just give out my number. I barely like taking numbers! I will be camping out in front of my TV watching all of my DVR’d shows from the week. Hopefully I will catch up on my missed sleep from this week also.

Over and out!


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