That Plight…

Of the fabulous, intriguing, educated, ambitious, beautiful, talented, ________ (enter in your own adjective), twenty-something woman. For me and my friends, it’s the same old thing; lame men. Why? Why? Why!? So my friend and I went out this weekend to a couple new places just to check them out. She was talking with her father prior to when we went out and this is what he said to her, “K, how come you and B never go out with men?” WOW! Now you know its a damn shame when someone elses father is making comments like that! But, he also doesn’t know the men that we come in contact with; he wouldn’t want us going out with them, trust me.
We do go out with men, but it’s after that 2nd or 3rd date that shyt gets crazy and its all over, just like that. Why is that? um you would have to ask the lame men who insist on taking us out, then cuttin up within a months time…next!

So another one of my friends went out to a new spot and ran into a man she did NOT want to speak to. But, she is a nice girl, unlike myself, and she entertained this too long convo. During this convo a few key things happened that would turn off any girl! One, he was talking her ear off and stretching out the convo all while she’s sitting there swirling around the ice cubes in her empty drink. *um, if you are going to talk me to death, at least make it worthwhile and get momma a freshun!* So keep in mind that this bamma did not offer to buy her a drink. Now this is the doosey! He asked her if it would bother her, because it has bothered other women in the past, that he is 29 *DAMN 29* and still lives at home with his parents……………………*I flat-lined at hearing this comment!* Um was this dude serious! If he has to throw that up in his “game” then, yes homey, this is a huge issue that you clearly need to work out! He even told her that he helps out around the house! Damn, son! I hope the hell you do help around the house, i e pay the house note! You are too damn grown to be living in your parents house your whole life! *yes, his whole life, he never left even for college…* So I’m thinking to myself, if you have lived at home your whole life and have NEVER paid rent, then you must be pretty well off, financially. Of course I don’t know, but I’m assuming so. So he could probably have bought out the whole bar, let alone have bought my poor friend a drink who had to listen to this bamma drone on and on about how he NEXT!

So anyways, that plight. That same plight does not only apply so us foxy 20-somethings, but to our family members and their friends who are in their 30s and 40s. Yes, please try and close your mouth from shock! I was speaking with my 30-something cousin who, has never been married and is dating a 50 yr old off and on! UGH!!! And her mother. My aunt is all, “B, you’re so pretty. Where’s your man?” Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn! Auntie, I wonder that myself sometimes! I am one of the few fabulous ladies who has her own shyt, no damn ankle biters, a place, a ride and a good ass job! But, I guess that’s not enough nowadays… But all these comments by family this weekend got me thinking. And if anyone knows me, I hate to go there, because it’s like a vicious cycle; you just won’t come up with an answer, you just can’t.

And it doesn’t make me feel any kind of hope when I hear of 40-somethings, yes twice our age, going through the same ish that me and my girls go through! How re-damn-tarded is it that 20 yrs from now, I still may be dealing with the same crap! um, someone will have to shoot me cuz this is not it! I do try and keep hope alive, but when I look around and see lame, metrosexual men around me, it makes me sad. Where are the real men at? ugh! nevermind…

*B* over and out!


4 Responses to “That Plight…”

  1. fashionkitty Says:

    GUH! Do I feel your pain. Tell me why a grown ass man working at a frickin grocery store thinks he can date me. AND thinks he can stalk me around the store when I am trying to buy food with MY money from MY real job for MY real apartment. Bamma. When he asked for my # I of course said um…I will take yours. Oh what was that? OH YOU DONT HAVE A PHONE. EVERYONE has a phone- even children and the homeless. Hopeless messes men are.

  2. Black Girl Interrupted Says:

    i have to say i feel your pain. in LA its especially horrible because the men out here tend to be spoiled and think that they don’t have to put forth any effort when dating a woman. i’ve been where you are, hell sometimes i slip back into that mindset. i do think that if you remain positive and focus on yourself that someone worth your while will cross your path. trust me, it happens when you least expect it.

  3. don beezy Says:

    wow i thought i was the only one who felt like this in the whole metro area. it seems to me that all my friends are bunned up (even though half of htem are with bum joints they refuse to leave)! i hope i’m not going through this same dating BS when i’m 40!!! it just doesnt make any sense! i hope black girl interuppted is right about it happening eventually

  4. Southern_Lady Says:

    Can I get a witness?? I TOTALLY FEEL YOU ON THIS ONE! My mama told me my relationships are over before they start. I never tell her about the foolishness that occurs in between. Such a shame, yet a reality. It’ll get better though.

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