Yeah, men…again

So I was talking to a male friend the other day about my issues/woes/annoyance etc with men. He flat out asked me, well B, what are you looking for? Um, good damn question. I can complain all day about this and that, but damn if I don’t have an answer to that question. I mean, I think in my head I have it, but when I try to go and explain it, it just sounds cliche and bland. And goodness knows, I do not like cliche nor bland.

So then I told him the type of guys I normally am attracted to and the type of men I normally end up with whether, dating, hanging out or otherwise. I am attracted to a very tall, 6’2-6’5 light skinned man. Why? I have no idea. It’s ingrained in my head, it’s what I like, it’s what I find attractive right off the break. And don’t fool yourselves if you think looks have nothing to do with it, because looks have evrything to do with it. You don’t know a person’s personality unless you talk to them and get to know them…

I normally run into two types of men: the ‘Hustler’ or this new breed of metro sexual lame ass men, who will be refered to just as mslam for the rest of this entry. Now the type of ‘hustler’ I meet vary, LOL. There are the street pharmacists *smh*, the corporate ones, and the promoters, damn promoters! But maybe the last two can be lumped into one. But this is my blog so they will remain separate.

The ‘Hustler’
I shouldn’t have anything to do with this type of man, but damn if I’m not meeting them left and right. Opposites attract? Probably so, but whatever. I tried to explain to him that at least this type of man is somewhat ‘predictable’ and ‘consistent’. I use those adjectives because with the hustler lifestyle *mind you, yes, this does sound as silly to me in my head as it sounds to those reading it* they are always on the move and not readily available to you. During a time in my life, this was good for me because I wasn’t looking for anything serious, so meeting up here and there was cool with me. Hell, it has worked out for better of the past three years. That was until I started growing up and realizing, um, B, you deserve better and oh, so much more. This is where the MSLAM comes in…

I vowed to stop going into the club after I turned 25. So last August 26, 2006 marked the last day I would go to the club and I meant it! I hate meeting people in the club. Understand, I don’t go there to meet them, but inevitably, you will infact meet people at the club. Anyways, me and girls started trying new venues and locations and different avenues of entertainment. These new places were great! Nice, upscale, Grown & Sexy type places. Wonderful! Except, I started seeing this weird trend; Men getting all dolled up and being fresh to def. I’m talking button-ups (dammit Jay-Z) v-neck sweaters, ties, and a blazer. ugh! I mean, I know I sound silly, but I don’t like my man to be prettier than me! But I do, however, like a man that can clean up nicely. I don’t know, maybe I just have something against this new wave of mslam because they seem really nice at first; They will call you alot, email and text and even *gasp* take you out on a few dates. And while all of that seems nice, they are just an asshole in Brooks Brother’s knockoffs.

Either way, I tire easily and think I like a bit of mystery and drama in my life. But to that, I get so annoyed when boys stop calling, emailing, texting abruptly. ugh. I’m just confused and annoyed. This blog was a big rant about nothing. I lost my whole train of thought, but I’m posting it anyways! haha

That’s all. *B*


3 Responses to “Yeah, men…again”

  1. Southern_Lady Says:

    Story of my life. End of story. I tried going to “new, mature spots” too. No such luck. I find myself standing there thinking, “Why me, Lord??” LOL But it’s cool. In due time.

  2. Black Girl Interrupted Says:

    hello! story of my life too, lol. the pickings seem to be slim wherever you go – clubs, mature spots, bars, lounges…it’s all bad. but sometimes it seems that no matter where you meet a guy there’s always the distinct possibility that he will be an asshole. maybe this is just the case for me, because the type i tend to attract is “the asshole.” i secretly like assholes, until they act that way toward me.

  3. The best of *B* « My PURPLE World Says:

    […] Yeah, men again – Written in April…things haven’t changed LOL […]

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