It’s been a long time…

Since I left you with a dope blog to read! SO here goes! Where to begin! Well let’s start with Wednesday when me and my CB ‘broke up’ due to him becoming emotionally INSANE! I don’t need him on the phone telling me how he’s mad I only call him when I’m drunk and…anywho, blah! It’s been our ‘arrangement’ for 3 damn years and you wanna catch feelins now? um, next!

BTW last week was the last week at my job with AOL *sad face* I’m going to miss those people!!! So Thursday was my going away happy hour…a Happy time it was! And a drunk time…playing beer pong and flip cup till the wee hours of the morning! lol so fun! But um, let’s bring it to Friday morning, my last day, and my ass was SICK! So much alcohol in my system and so little time to get done what I needed to get done before I left AOL for good! Not a good combo, BUT I pulled it off! woo hoo! But I still wasn’t quite right, lol, for the rest of the day. On to my girl’s wedding rehearsal…

So after being hungover for the majority of my day, (hell the whole day), I headed over to Landsdowne resort for Tiffanys wedding rehearsal. Being the diva I am, I showed up fashionably late; not a good look, B. So we run through the processional and we get a break! I think wonderful, I can go home and sleep. Not so. By the time I get home, get a stern talking to from my mother (for being a brat), washed my face and put on some make-up, it was time to go to the rehearsal dinner! Now, a heavy, authentic Italian meal the day before getting into a satin, floor-length gown…LOL but it all worked out! To the wedding…

The day was BEAUTIFUL! I’m not talking about the weather, because it had us all nervous, but the WHOLE day! From all of us running around getting ready in the Bridal suite; hair, drinks, make-up, drinks, pictures, drinks, snacks, drinks…you get the picture, we were all on edge! We just wanted Tiffany’s day to go off without a hitch! And it did! it was a WONDEFUL, BEAUTIFUL day! Oh how I loved her wedding! It’s so nice to be around people who are truly, madly, deeply in love with each other! It may have revived my whole thoughts, ponderings, musings about love and marriage…hmmm

So tonight, I am mentally, physically and spiritually preparing for my new job tomorrow in the Recruiting field! I am very excited about this new opportunity that God has blessed me with! I am looking forward to a change of pace and gettin my career thing on. Alright ladies and gentelmen, I’m out! I gotta watch the rest of this Charm School mess! So…

That’s all.


One Response to “It’s been a long time…”

  1. Southern_Lady Says:

    You’ve been busy! So have I! Oh, congrats on the contest. I NEVER win damn contests. lol

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