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Some questions?

May 30, 2007

I’m sure these questions have either been addressed or asked around this here blogosphere, but I was just able to catch up on some weekend gossip and I have a few questions. I was left most puzzled by this one…

*How come Busta Rhymes is going to court for something that occurred in October 2006, yet dirty, i’m-on-everybody’s-damn-remix-I’m-a-flirt-black-handsome-rich-and-can-sing-DAMMIT! R. Kelly has YET to have his heyday in court! WHY! And perhaps, more importantly, why is he allowed to put out songs with lyrics such as this:

“I got you so wet, it’s like a rainforest Like Jurassic Park, except I’m your sexosaurus, babe.”
– R. Kelly on the song The Zoo – from his new album Double Up

Gross, just gross…

*Why is this stoopid coke head b*tch just going to rehab and got a slap on the wrist for crashing and having COCAINE in her car, but E-V-E got arrested when she crashed?

*How come Beyonce is living my life?

*LOL! Is this what people call ‘healthy’ for MKOlsen?

*HOW, exactly, did Ty-Ty lose those 30 or so pounds?

*Why is nobody feeding this poor creature?

Last but not least…

*When will all the madness end and I will no longer be bombarded with snapshots of this skuzzbucket’s wobbly bits!?



May 27, 2007

“I am a stone; because even when you break me, I’m still a stone.” — some profound twenty-something figuring it all out.

So last night, as I had a mini freak out due to the fact of many realizations and my 26th birthday coming up in August and my recent man drama (trauma), my good friend K calmed, well attempted to calm me down with some wise words of wisdom:

“I know it sucks now, and no matter how much you thought you loved or really liked someone and think that you can never like someone like that or that much, you will find something in the next one that comes around to like or love so much more.”

That’s the gist, but it made me stop and think for a minute. Yeah, no one is ever going to be like L, but maybe that is a good thing, since it didn’t even work out. So all the good, sweet things are just nice memories I can store far, far away and move on; put that focus back on ME! That is where it should have been in the first place, but I got lost in the moment. Oh well. Lessons learned.

So on to me! ME! I have made many “investments” in two Louis Vuittons in the past and in a few pairs of outrageously priced shoes; which have all btw paid for themselves many times over. So why not invest in ME! My investment in myself is my health and well-being. I am putting my all into this outdoor boot camp! I invested in a proper exercise mat for our outdoor “floor” exercises as well as a few new workout fits. Not only can I stand to lose a few, but I owe it to myself to work on and focus on ME! When you don’t focus on yourself, you lose yourself; at least, that’s what I have discovered has happened to me a few times. I am working on little goals, but the big goal is our vaca to Puerto Rico, oh and getting back in my cute Sevens that I won’t get rid of 😉

Viva la Bianca!


May 26, 2007

It’s my drink for the weekend! Have a good one people!

-O Organics Pom Italian soda

-Citrus Vodka


*B* the author

May 25, 2007

So, I’m going to write a book; a tell-all if you will. The first will be be very personal as it will be my memoir–yes, I think I am that important to put out a memoir of B. The others will be figments of my wild, thoughtful, and bright imagination. Will you buy them? I will provide sneak snippets here and there. So yes, I will be writing all Summer until my first book is done. I will suck you all in so you can’t wait for the next one. I can’t wait! I’m getting started right now. yay! It’s because I’m a rock star baby! Thought you knew ;o)

My Theme Song [for the moment]

May 25, 2007

Thanks Senika for puttin me on to this song! It’s our Summer anthem!!

"the World has ended. Heidi and Spencer are Engaged"

May 24, 2007


Stop what you are doing. This is a moment you will remember forever. MTV’s “Hills” stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have done it. They’re engaged. For now.As Us Magazine just reported, the “world’s best boyfriend” popped the question to his 20-(yes 20)-year-old fiancee last night in Santa Barbara. Obviously, she said yes.According to Us, Pratt picked up a diamond encrusted platinum band at Zales a jewelry store in Brentwood, Calif. Don’t expect Lauren to be designing Heidi’s dress. Her invite got lost in the mail.
WHAT AN IDIOT HEIDI! LOL LOL LOL LOL this TOTALLY brightened up my day! I love when stoopid people do even stoopider things! hahahahaahahahahahahaha!


May 23, 2007

So I have a lot on my mind and since this is my public forum, I shall share with you all what the inner-most thoughts of B are at this moment…

-Um, I am constantly thinking about “him” ugh! He sent me an email…I sent one back, now I’m just waiting for this daunting response…WHY! Life should just be simple…Oh don’t we wish, or I wish

-This weekend is Memorial Day weekend, clubs are going to be hella expensive, and I want to go shopping, I am also going to have a cook out so, if you are in town, holla

-Work, why must I work? I am ready to retire at the ripe old age of 25, I’ve been working since I was 14. I should own a damn conglomerate of businesses by now! And a house, and have some investments, and that fab range rover I speak about on many occasions…ok, getting out of hand here, but seriously, I have been working for 11 years for what! What do I have to show for it? um, bills. Oh I do live in a pretty swell apartment…yeah, life’s not so so bad. Actually it isn’t

-This rant stemmed from disappointment in said male, spiraled into something else…

-I hope this day goes by fast

-I need to speak to my managers – we need to talk-my mind was spinning on exactly what I wanted to say, so I woke up and wrote it down. Now I must speak,yay

-Is everyone else in the whole wide world in love but me? ugh 😦

-It’s so nice out this week, I hope the weather holds up for this weekend to lay out at the pool. I’m not going swimming, what with all these chemicals going on in my hair, I’m not sure I’m ready to be bald for June 1st.

-There is a Kappa boat thing coming up, but it’s going to be thrown by the same kappas I met in January, a.k.a. lameness to another scale, but hey, I love boats and I love to drink and I love the outdoors; maybe, just maybe the lame lame ones won’t be there…yeah right, they have been looking forward to this boat ride since last year……next, I just don’t want to run into 2 particular kappas, blah alas, it’s inevitable; it will just be another story for another post.

-I have so much to do today. I am going to boot camp. I need an outlet; something.

-Had a really funny conversation last night with my boy, LOL, can’t go into detail. well. nah. haha

-I need to move back to Arlington, but I know I will never find a place so big as I have now paying the rent I am paying, WITH a washer and dryer in the unit…hmmm sacrifices, nope, i will just take that 30 minute hike to DC when I so choose.

-That’s all

-Thank you for listening



May 21, 2007

Was outside on this beautiful, wonderous day eating lunch with my girl and we were talking about those housewivee/moms who always look uberly fabulous, even with the rugrats in tow, out at lunch with their girls and shopping all day at Tyson’s Galleria, not Tysons the mall, there is a difference. Anyways, so that spun our minds and took us, well me to a place where I was that uberly fabulous housewife, not house mom. I want all that, minus the ankle-biters, true this may change, but I am selfish so for this day dream, there were no ankle biters in tow….

My day began promptly at 10 when I awoke out of my luxurious sleep after a romp with my fabulous and sexy husband, you know, to send him off to work right *wink* I mean, he’s gotta make the money and I want to keep him happy! I roll out of bed, down to my fab kitchen where my chef has prepared an egg white omlet with fresh fruit and orange juice as I consult The View or my DVR’d Oprah. I finish off my light but protein filled breakfast and get suited up to meet my trainer in my backyard gym for some cardio and weights; Hey, I gotta look good and keep it tight for my man. After my two hour session with the oh-so-hot trainer, hehehe, I shower, consult my wardrobe planner and get dressed in something fresh from Paris…

Out the door I head to my gunmetal Range, slip on my YSLs, crank up the Lupe and am on my way for day of shopping with the girls. *because I am assuming they have it like that as well* We all meet up at the Chanel boutique to check out the new arrivals, try shyt on and buy something new. We then head to NM and Saks and get some shoes, a couple new dresses and swoop into the David Yurman section to get a new ring. After all that fantabulous shopping, we are starved! We head over to some posh spot and chill outside with a chilled adult beverage and talk about the hubby’s and their jobs. I always make sure I tell my man, “Make that money, baby, don’t let it make you,” before he leaves. He loves it! Anyways, we chat it up, talk about each of our next out-of-the country jaunts and promise to meet again later in the week.

…what a day dream…

Oh well, I was rudely snapped out of it since my lunch hour was up and I had to head back into my new cube, which btw has a fantastic HUGE window behind it! So, upgrade! yay! Guess I will keep on dreamin….


May 21, 2007

Tomorrow is my first day of fitness bootcamp! wooooo hoooooo! I can’t wait! I just went out and bought the cutest yoga mat to match my kicks and water bottle, LOL. Anywho! I wish Harvey from Celebrity Fit Club was going to be my trainer, but I have heard nothing but good things about the trainer. I am looking forward to her kicking my ass, figuratively speaking ofcourse, back into shape! Boot Camp, here I come!

Nick Cannon, DJ? Nirvana & Falling

May 20, 2007

I must say that I am in pain. All of the muscles in my legs hurt from dancing, oh yeah and falling, yet again, in public HAHA! Those young whipper snappers last night worked me and my girls OUT! Those sweet little young things and all of their energy made for a very fun night! LOL! I know I’m too old to be in the club (i’m 25 btw) but last night was an exception hehehe. It’s nice out people and when it’s nice out, I like to get all dolled up and go party like a MF rockstar! Oh, and party like some rock stars we did! First of all, Nick Cannon was the guest dj last night…yeah, I was thinking the same thing too, WHY? Oh, but wait, DJ Nick Cannon is a damn good DJ! I didn’t stop dancing the whole time…in 3 1/2 heels, fresh off some crown & cokes and martinis. Not only did DJ NC take it wayyyyyyy back and then bring it up to the present, he played…SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! That is my SHYT! I lost my whole damn mind, felt like I was back in 7th grade and got my headbanger on. LOL After that, my ass was through, I had to go re-hydrate with some H2O.

We chilled at the bar for a minute so I could re compose myself, LOL! then we headed up stairs to get my girl’s tab. Now mind you by this point, B was in a state of semi-drunkeness, tiredness and hurt legs haha! We get her tab and walk out of the Penthouse and for some reason, I think that if I step across the threshhold of the penthouse, I will be in the next room over on the deck. See this is where my brain disconnected and my ass fell LOL! I completely missed the two, yes 2 steps because I was in such a rush to get across to the deck because they were ‘playing my song!’ I can’t even remember what it was right now, but all I knew was that i HAD to get over there! So everything happened in such slow motion, I’m still not sure what happened. All I saw was the ice flying out of my drink, and then being helped up by this kind boy. I was DYING laughing sooooo hard, because I didn’t know what or how it all happened! I look up at my girl and she is dying laughing too! She’s like, ‘not again’ hahaha! We just laughed and laughed because this is becoming a regular occurance when I go out.

Anywho, all in all, last night was so damn fun and I am just CHILLIN today because I think I’m 21 and can stay out till 5 AM…no! haha Can’t wait till Memorial Day Weekend!!!
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