So today in my travels, I met with a man who had been with the CIA for 35 years! Boy was he entertaining. See I’m conducting this assessment thing for my new job and I go and meet with all sorts of people. Anywho, this gentleman was particularly interesting because he told us some very highly UN-classified (read: nothing too, too juicy, but good enough for me!) stuff. This guy was a character! The stuff he was talking about was so interesting; sounded like a book! He talked about the difference between the FBI and the CIA and other interesting tidbits. Don’t want to go too deep into because I don’t know if i will be carted off somewhere for even writing about it, but I had to share! It was definitely interesting to hear this man talk! He can speak 4 different laguages, btw and not any normal ones that you go to school for either lol!


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