Party Like a Rockstar!

Well, that’s what I WANTED to do last night! Instead I entered into a near empty club, with WHACK ass music playing AND, AND, AND…omg are you ready for this!!! Some up and coming Neo-Soul artist performing! WTFFFFFFF!!!! I don’t do Neo-Soul or anything that sounds like it! And especially not at a damn club! omg! I was so blown! All I wanted to do was party and dance all night long! Ummmmm not so!

So throughout the night, as I people watched, I saw a bevy of um, weirdos enter the club, scan it, find a spot to post up and well, post up! omg! It was just the lamest of the lame! Like a bunch of rejects that left their house and decided to just roll through to check it out! WTF! I party with pretty people, I don’t know who or what these people’s purpose in life was! But they did serve as pure entertainment. As I began to scan the ‘crowd’ I saw some celebrities! These weren’t your normal celebs, hahaha! Let’s see who I saw last night:

‘Like Dat’ from Flavor of Love 2
Musiq Soul Child
Busta Rhymes
Sunshine Anderson (actual artist)

LOL!!!!!!!! Those ‘celebrities’ were not really celebs haha, they just were dead ringers for them! It made my night to see these people! Anywho! That night was REALLY a thrown off night! Not a tall, cute boy in the place! Oh well! Next weekend will prove to be different 😉


One Response to “Party Like a Rockstar!”

  1. Karinaxoxo Says:

    hahah ‘I party with Pretty ppl’
    I love it!!! And I totally agree. I stopped going to our local club when there were more ‘redneck’ type people there than there was fashionistas and metros – harsh but oh well =)

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