Ummmmmmmmm ReAlLy!?!?!

This skeezbag!?!?! GUH! Doesn’t he know he will get damn fleas with multiple STDs! I tell ya! my new job has me busy, busy, busy! So I rarely get to check the good old gossip blogs and hear and see the dirt! Well, well, well! I stumbled upon this disgusting bit of news via Young, Black & Fabulous and dug around the net for more! This is absolutely disgusting, Reggie Bush! Why you gotta be all over her on the dance floor in LA kissing her!? Why come, Reggie, why? GUH!!!! just plain ol NASTY! They don’t call that chick Hodashian for nothin! She seems to me like she wants to be known around the world and the industry as THE number one jump off! ewwwwwww!!!! Reggie, I’m so disapointed in you! P.S. – I still think you are the finest piece of sexual chocoalte, EVER!


2 Responses to “Ummmmmmmmm ReAlLy!?!?!”

  1. yummy411 Says:

    i’m disappointed too.. where is his pride??? he really wants to be second to uhhh.. baby ray j??? he is what 21, 22?

  2. Robby Says:

    from a male point of view…or as you like to call us “just assholes with d*icks!” lol…. I agree that she’s dirty… and a slut…. but she’s also sexy as hell!

    haha.. now where is that Ray-J video?

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