Am I 12?

Okay…REALLY!? um why did dude, hahahaha, omg, hahahha ACCUSE me of, wait for it…’calling from a blocked number and hanging up’!!!!!!!!! OOOMMMGGG! Am I 12 damn years old? More importantly, am I PRESSED!? wow! wow! wow! When I read the email he sent talking that mess, I bust out laughing! And called up my girls, LOL! I coudln’t believe it! So basically they are all the same! N*ggas ain’t shyt but…you know the rest! Even the ‘nice’/’good’ ones! UGH! They are all just assholes with d*icks! I’m so done. Men are shitty, pointless human beings. I mean does he really think he is going to meet someone like me again? um NO! But hey, it’s cool. At least he showed his cards early on right? STOOPID!

Ok, done with my rant. Just had to get that out. Back to the drawing board? Oh F it! It’s the damn Spring/Summer! I’m not worryin’ about a damn man.


3 Responses to “Am I 12?”

  1. Southern_Lady Says:

    Awww damnnnn! That really sucks. But I agree with you. If they act up early on, consider it a sign and a blessing. You can spend your time doing something else productive. Like shoppingg! lol

  2. Jamie@city-itis Says:

    My one of my male cousin once said that when a man shows you who he really is believe him. Thank God he did early before ya’ll got all involved…and that phone call he THINK he got from you hanging up is probably some other chick he f-ing over! He need to check his game status in the f-ing trash.

  3. Black Girl Interrupted Says:

    Damn, that sucks ass. At least he showed his true colors early on. I have a theory about the so-called “nice ones.” Beware of someone who comes off super nice at the beginning, because they may be trying to game you up. Not to say you should assume that every nice guy you meet is trying to pull one over on you, but definitely keep your eyes open.

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