“It is every woman’s inalienable right to have a pulled-together, stylish, confident wardrobe with money left over to live.” – SJP

Did anyone see Oprah with Sarah Jessica Parker’s new clothing line? Check out a sneak peek here, BITTEN

The clothes are definitely cute and they are all UNDER $20! There are flats, espadrilles, dresses!, cute t-shirts and blouses, jeans!, skirts and so much more! There is this houndstooth coat for fall that I MUST have! The tailoring is magnificent! I wish there was a picture of it on the website, but trust me, this will be a piece you will NEED in your closet! The collar, the sleeve length, the placement of the pockets, the detailing in the back! It’s just fabulous! AND this clothing line ranges in sizes 2-22. It’s for every body! Now, unfortunately this line is only being carried in Steve & Barry’s, which I have NO idea what that is, but if you happen to live near one, be sure to check out the line launching on June 7. I’m hoping they have an online store because there is no Steve & Barry’s near me. I do hope though, that her clothing line is of outstanding quality versus the crap they harold at Target as ‘designer’.


One Response to “Get BITTEN”

  1. Senika Says:

    I love SJP and I will be hitting up Steve & Barrys for these outfits…they were so cute on Oprah!

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