Was outside on this beautiful, wonderous day eating lunch with my girl and we were talking about those housewivee/moms who always look uberly fabulous, even with the rugrats in tow, out at lunch with their girls and shopping all day at Tyson’s Galleria, not Tysons the mall, there is a difference. Anyways, so that spun our minds and took us, well me to a place where I was that uberly fabulous housewife, not house mom. I want all that, minus the ankle-biters, true this may change, but I am selfish so for this day dream, there were no ankle biters in tow….

My day began promptly at 10 when I awoke out of my luxurious sleep after a romp with my fabulous and sexy husband, you know, to send him off to work right *wink* I mean, he’s gotta make the money and I want to keep him happy! I roll out of bed, down to my fab kitchen where my chef has prepared an egg white omlet with fresh fruit and orange juice as I consult The View or my DVR’d Oprah. I finish off my light but protein filled breakfast and get suited up to meet my trainer in my backyard gym for some cardio and weights; Hey, I gotta look good and keep it tight for my man. After my two hour session with the oh-so-hot trainer, hehehe, I shower, consult my wardrobe planner and get dressed in something fresh from Paris…

Out the door I head to my gunmetal Range, slip on my YSLs, crank up the Lupe and am on my way for day of shopping with the girls. *because I am assuming they have it like that as well* We all meet up at the Chanel boutique to check out the new arrivals, try shyt on and buy something new. We then head to NM and Saks and get some shoes, a couple new dresses and swoop into the David Yurman section to get a new ring. After all that fantabulous shopping, we are starved! We head over to some posh spot and chill outside with a chilled adult beverage and talk about the hubby’s and their jobs. I always make sure I tell my man, “Make that money, baby, don’t let it make you,” before he leaves. He loves it! Anyways, we chat it up, talk about each of our next out-of-the country jaunts and promise to meet again later in the week.

…what a day dream…

Oh well, I was rudely snapped out of it since my lunch hour was up and I had to head back into my new cube, which btw has a fantastic HUGE window behind it! So, upgrade! yay! Guess I will keep on dreamin….


One Response to “Daydreaming…”

  1. The Diva's Thoughts Says:

    HAHAHA! I love your day dream. Sounds alike like my day dream….hmmmmmm… LOL

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