*B* the author

So, I’m going to write a book; a tell-all if you will. The first will be be very personal as it will be my memoir–yes, I think I am that important to put out a memoir of B. The others will be figments of my wild, thoughtful, and bright imagination. Will you buy them? I will provide sneak snippets here and there. So yes, I will be writing all Summer until my first book is done. I will suck you all in so you can’t wait for the next one. I can’t wait! I’m getting started right now. yay! It’s because I’m a rock star baby! Thought you knew ;o)

3 Responses to “*B* the author”

  1. The Diva's Thoughts Says:

    HAHAHA! Good luck with the books. Definitely post snippets here for us to read.

  2. don beezy Says:

    i’m excited about your new endeavor. you seem to be a good writer now. and you look very jazzy and authorish in your pic! can’t wait for the first snippet!

  3. Southern_Lady Says:

    Yeah!! I thought about that for a hot second, but I have ADD (I know it!). Congrats and I can’t wait for it!

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