“I am a stone; because even when you break me, I’m still a stone.” — some profound twenty-something figuring it all out.

So last night, as I had a mini freak out due to the fact of many realizations and my 26th birthday coming up in August and my recent man drama (trauma), my good friend K calmed, well attempted to calm me down with some wise words of wisdom:

“I know it sucks now, and no matter how much you thought you loved or really liked someone and think that you can never like someone like that or that much, you will find something in the next one that comes around to like or love so much more.”

That’s the gist, but it made me stop and think for a minute. Yeah, no one is ever going to be like L, but maybe that is a good thing, since it didn’t even work out. So all the good, sweet things are just nice memories I can store far, far away and move on; put that focus back on ME! That is where it should have been in the first place, but I got lost in the moment. Oh well. Lessons learned.

So on to me! ME! I have made many “investments” in two Louis Vuittons in the past and in a few pairs of outrageously priced shoes; which have all btw paid for themselves many times over. So why not invest in ME! My investment in myself is my health and well-being. I am putting my all into this outdoor boot camp! I invested in a proper exercise mat for our outdoor “floor” exercises as well as a few new workout fits. Not only can I stand to lose a few, but I owe it to myself to work on and focus on ME! When you don’t focus on yourself, you lose yourself; at least, that’s what I have discovered has happened to me a few times. I am working on little goals, but the big goal is our vaca to Puerto Rico, oh and getting back in my cute Sevens that I won’t get rid of 😉

Viva la Bianca!


One Response to “STONE”

  1. Jamie Says:

    I’m in really similiar situation with a guy AKA Fashion Boy that I like but he keeps disappointing me and letting me down and not giving me what I need. And I know it ain’t going to change if we were in a relationship. But one thing I’ve learned from this when I got out of it( because I have a complex about being alone, so I tend to stay situations not good for me at all) is that a bad guy will make you realize what you really want. I need attention, I need dates, and romance and kisses and sex and promises fulfilled and I ain’t settling no more. I’m meditating on getting my focus back right now. Before I met him, I was entirely different person and that was only two MONTHS ago!!:)

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