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Viva la Mexico!!!

June 29, 2007

So, we have finally picked a vaca destination and we will be booking the trip on Sunday! Woo hoooooo!!! Seriously, I need sand, sun and water! Oh, and a swim up bar, a few hammocks and all that comes with an all inclusive! Me and 5 of my friends, yes, Cancun is NOT ready, are going to be living it up in Cancun at the Barcelo TuCancun all inclusive resort in August! OMG! You have no idea how much I deserve this vacation! Nor do you have any cue to how much debauchery and mischief we will get into, hehehe 😉 Anywho! I can’t wait and I had to share so…

Viva la Mexico!!!


I’m down with OPB, yeah you know me!

June 28, 2007

OPB – Other People’s Blogs

Swizz Beatz song, No Money in the Bank is taunting me today LOL, because well, I ain’t got no money in the bank, BUT I’m not walking around acting all stank. LOL! Anyways, was doing my daily round of blogs and happened among the following:

*Find out how to be a Skinny Bitch over at Style Dash

*Check out Fashion Kitty to find out how Posh stays so fly

*Go try and say something nice over at Crunk + Disorderly, I dare you, TRY! Because I couldn’t! Those b*tches look a MESS

*But before you leave C+D, please take a moment of silence for this sad, sad woman

*Say ‘Oui’ to this hot ring by Dior via K Dukes

*I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who thought J-Hud could have used a pair (or two) of Spanx! – Bougie Broad

*Ummm, when will Isiah Washington shut the hell up!?!?!

*This simple b*tch and her fake ass get on my nerves! Check out The Skinny Website to see if she has gained weight or not

Ok, peace out people!

Pour some sugar on me!

June 21, 2007

So as I was surfing the AOL Welcome Screen, I came across this article on how to beautify your skin during the summer. Carmindy, from What Not to Wear, gives 8 great tips to keep your skin sparkly and a-glow during the summer months. I immediately ran home and added a bit of sugar to my face wash and let me tell you! F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S! That is how my face feels! I don’t keep sugar in my house, but I took a little packet from work, LOL, and added it to my facewash! Feels like a dream! This will become a weekly ritual to go along with my Tone Sugar Scrub body wash I use.

Then, I went over to the ever-fabulous Tia Williams’ blog, Shake Your Beauty, and found an un-lipgloss, lip gloss that I will be purchasing this weekend. Read below for Tia’s review:

LORAC GLOSS STICK, $15: I’ve found it! Chapstick that doubles as a clear lipgloss! Lorac’s Gloss Stick is the perfect thing on those cutoff shorts and wifebeater days, when you’re makeup-free, but still want a little “oomph.” It’s blended with sunflower and macademia seed oils, so it’s seriously moisturizing–but this tricky little stick also give lips major, Jerry-Hall-at-Studio-54 shine. And the all-natural vanilla scent makes me happy.

Dear W magazine editors…

June 20, 2007

Your magazine SUCKS as of late; let me explain myself. While I was bemused at last month’s offering with that crazy bitch Naomi on the cover and was dazzled by her outfits and uncanniness, I am a bit annoyed/un-dazzled by this month’s flimsy magazine. I think one of the best articles ever, was the one from a couple months ago with Imelda Marcos. Your magazine has failed to wow me for a while now, but this month was just no excuse! That lame Gucci ad that I was bombarded with in the first flip of the page was “underwhelming” as well as the what, 50 other pages that remained to be flipped and scoffed at.

This magazine just sucks! You have nothing to write about and omg! the photo spread at the end of the mag was just confusing. WHAT, pre tell, were you trying to convey here? I couldn’t even look at it again. I just threw the mag down in disgust. I thought I was in for some great photography, maybe even one, just one good article. But no! Nothing of the sort. I don’t know if you all are on vacation and couldn’t be bothered with this month’s offering, but goodness! it.blows!

I hope the Fall issues live up to my expectations, or else! Or else, you will no longer adorn most of my cute coffee table with your lame magazines. Oh and one more thing, can you get a bit more creative with cover models and stories? I mean really! WHO THE F CARES about John Travolta and “those rumors”! Are there rumors about John Travolta? And if so, W, why are you covering a story on them? Really people, I wish fashion glossies would go back to what they once were; FASHION!


Disgruntled *B*


June 15, 2007

I don’t know if it is because I had about 8 Crown & diets last night and Im sick as hell, but I am watching MTVJams and these rappers are so ugly it’s nauseating! Why are they so heinous?! goodness! b-o-o-s-i-e ugh! Then there was this gorilla monster who was just grossssssss and all these girls were just all over him! yuck! I mean it literally made me sick! I am sitting here in awe of the ugliness! Good thing Wu-tang C.R.E.A.M. is on – I’m butter pecan/caramel haha. but really, why and when did any old scrawny thing with gold teeth become rappers? when!? they all either need to get their weight up and keep their shirt on – Rich Boy, or put the food down and get a face transplant! haha anything so I don’t get physically sick when I watch a video. OMG! have you all heard that song “So Crispy” or something! OMG! if u have had the awful pleasure of hearing the song, have you seen the video! equally disturbing! so crispy my ass! UGH!

Now damn make-up wearing, fish-faced ne-yo is on! gross! gross! At least I can look at Fabolous, I guess. And since when is it OK for a grown ass man to wear a full on denim outfit!? Matching jean jacket AND jeans? um! I don’t care if they are red monkey or whatever the hell expensive ass jeans these men are wearing, it wasn’t right when we were kids, so it’s not right over the age of 25 either!

ugh I have to change the channel! a whole slew of a bunch of uglies are jumping around on my screen talking about that ‘white girl’ I’ve had it! MTVJams is banned from my eyes! ugh!

um, random, I know

June 14, 2007

But, how do you eat your bagel?… At my new job they have bagel Thursdays; not good for your waistline at all! However, a once anorexic friend of mine taught me a little trick if you simply can not pass up a bagel…you dig out the insides! Genius! So now, I can have my bagel and eat it too! lol! I have been doing this for years and was in the process of doing it this morning when I noticed a co worker doing the same thing! We both laughed because, it’s hard to pass up the gourmet bagels they bring in the morning, LOL! So I ask, how do you eat your bagel?

…random post, I know, but it was such a funny coincidence!


June 14, 2007

So, while out this weekend, my friend and I got to talking about the crazies we have met in the past and we reminisced about the ones who, a.) left us dumbfounded b.) were so ridiculous, it was funny and c.) were the most memorable because of what.they.said. So in that conversation, I was able to come up with the title to my forthcoming book with the help of my girl, Kristen. It’s just perfect and lends itself to becoming a quite spectacular read; I have already started jotting out my ideas and frames for all of the stories. I was up all night tossing and turning because my mind was racing and teeming with ideas! This Saturday, while lounging by the pool, catching some rays, I will be on my laptop, typing away. I am so ultra-excited about this! I sleep with a notepad on my night stand b/c I often wake up and have to write stuff down. I should have done that last night, but the rain was too good to me and I stayed cozied up in my covers.

*B* over and out!

My Sexy New Shoes!!

June 13, 2007

When I saw them, I knew they were perfect for me! 4 1/2 inches of pure hotness! I wore them out Saturday to break them in, but um, they broke my ass in! LOL! I need to wear them out a few more times until they become a stomping shoe staple 😉 oh! and best damn part…they only ran me…$30 yup! hahahaha

just blogging

June 12, 2007

What up world! I felt like I needed to blog and get stuff off my chest, but it’s difficult to write it all out. I guess some things you don’t want to see in black and white. It’s nothing bad or serious, but normally when I blog, it’s free flowing and easy. Today, I have started and stopped blogging like three times. hmmm, I don’t get it. There isn’t anything overly major goings on in my lil ol life. I have a few annoyances, but I just have to take care of them and get rid of them once and for all. Um, I definitely can’t wait till I get my new purse! and I really like that Mario song “How can I breathe” or something; it’s cute and I like the beat. Gossip sites are ultra boring lately being over consumed by the idiot trifecta a.k.a. – LiLo, Jail bird, Skeletor etc… I wonder what would happen if these simpletons just didn’t come out of their house, then I guess people would be obsessed and wonder why they weren’t and so on and so forth; lost cause.

Do you ever wake up and feel like, “damn! it’s time for me to make my mark in this crazy world!” “It’s my time to truly shine.” I do, like all the time. I better do something about it, and fast. I’m only getting older, blah haha! I always try to think about and figure out what I would be truly happy doing? I mean right now, besides making that paper, I can’t see past that. I mean with major paper, comes a shitty job; in my opinion. I would love to just do something I truly loved in addition to making stacks. I want to be able to do what I want to do when I want to do it. I am sick of being stuck doing, mundane work for peanuts. I even considered being a teacher, LOL, because they get summers off, but then, there is that money thing; there isn’t any. AND, I don’t too much like children, so, that’s out.

I want to pick up and move somewhere else, I’m over this area. It’s fun, I guess, but I’ve had my fun and now I want to go somewhere else. But, in order to move somewhere you have to have a job, a place and a reason lined up, BLAH! I’m sure if I just seriously sat down and wrote out a plan and set goals for each step, I will accomplish what I want to do, but again, that whole job thing gets in the way. I hate working. HATE it! But, oh well, what am I going to do about it – nothing, just work and shut up about it.

So my bootcamp class rocks! I totally love it! I go three times a week and run on the days I don’t have it and I couldn’t be happier! I am back to working out and getting fit. Only problem, is I have an injury and if I don’t do something about it soon, I could seriously injure myself and that I can not do. It just really, really sucks! I just started to really enjoy this and bam! now I’m injured! Truth be told, I just don’t want to go to the doctor and they tell me I can’t work out or I have to stay off my foot or “take it easy.” Man bump that! I am just going to get new kicks and ice the hell out of my injury everyday. I’m a soldier lol.

Anywho, thats’ about it from the desktop of *B* Have a fantabulous day people and I will be back momentarily.

*B* over and out!

"medical issue" my ass!

June 7, 2007

According to, that simple bitch, Paris has been let out of jail after 5 days…LOL! due to a “medical issue” that no one could speak on, except that she had been “constantly examined” by medical officials while she was in ‘jail’ LOL!!!!!!! Article

ummm, wtf, is quoting TM mf Z! what has the world come to! All this over Paris Hilton?!?!