sugar daddy?

I want one. Just for when the seasons change so I can beef up my wardrobe and get my shoe and purse game back in check…LOL! I said this to my mom today and she laughed and nodded in agreement. I just want to hold on to the credit card or have access to the bank account so I can do me and holla when I want to see you…LOL! I know I live in a fantasy world, but it should just be haha! I’ve got it all figured out, so it should just fall into place…I’m silly, I know :o) But seriously, think about it. How nice would it be to just have that disposable income to use for emergencies – vacations, purses, shoes, fantabulous nights out, a wardrobe to die for etcetra etcetera… anywho, life should be so simple hahahahahaahaha!


One Response to “sugar daddy?”

  1. B_More BAP Life Says:

    Amen Sista!

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