Monday Musings

Hola! and Happy Monday! Aren’t you sooo glad to be at work! hahaha! I needed a diversion, already, so I decided to peruse the net for something other than fashion and gossip…news! Here are some interesting things I’ve read so far:

TIME Mag discusses the Science of Appetite – no wonder we have a love/hate thing going on with cupcakes haha!

Sunken ships and Treasures, oh my! – very interesting in a Pirates of the Caribbean sort of way.

25 Best cities for each age group – I will stay put here in the good ol DMV (DC, MD, VA)

Teen Shopping Habits – Hey, it’s from the Washington Post! and my old stomping grounds when I used to shop till I dropped – Tyson’s Corner Center

Loudoun County’s new jail is maxed out before it opens?

Why is it when something peaceful is going on, someone crazy has to ruin it for everybody? – Remember people, ‘crack is whack’

That’s all for now peoples, now get back to work! LOL


One Response to “Monday Musings”

  1. The Diva's Thoughts Says:

    Happy Monday! (although now it’s Wednesday) LOL

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