Kept Woman

At this point in my life, I feel as though I deserve to be a kept woman. I am sick and tired of working just to pay bills. I miss my life where I could blow my whole paycheck if I wanted on new shoes, bags and clothes; not to mention partying 5 days a week and barely making it to work the next day. I miss that life. Why is it when you step into Corporate America, life just sucks! I miss my life. Now I work, make some money, pay my bills, by like 1 thing here and there, pay rent, hit up the grocery store a few times a month – I hate spending money on food, seriously; If you came to my house, you’d be hungry lol! – unless ofcourse you like water and/or beer and wine!

So today is simply marvelous out! Who wants to be cooped up inside an office building sitting in a chair and working? Not I. On a day like today, I should be lounging by the pool with a freshly-made Mojito; made just right with the limes and mint muddled with the perfect amount of Bacardi rum to keep me buzzed all day… In the word’s of Amy Winehouse, “what kind of fuckery is this!” working 5 days a week, 8 or more hours a day, LOL!

I swear I wish I could do it all again. Just pick up and leave after I graduated college and moved to NY or LA. Pursued my fashion career… or if that didn’t work out, marry some rich man who wants nothing more than to see my pretty smile each and everyday!

See when I’m left to ponder the day away, my mind takes me to two places; one place is my life working in a fantabulous job that I bounce out of bed to get to, or the place where work is working out and choosing what dress to wear to the big dinner that night with my CEO billionaire boys club hubby… Whatever I am meant to do in this life HAS to be more than this; it just has to. Otherwise, what am I working for/towards?


One Response to “Kept Woman”

  1. Nik Says:

    I concur B! No seriously tho…what kinda fuckery is this??..But no really..

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