So, while out this weekend, my friend and I got to talking about the crazies we have met in the past and we reminisced about the ones who, a.) left us dumbfounded b.) were so ridiculous, it was funny and c.) were the most memorable because of what.they.said. So in that conversation, I was able to come up with the title to my forthcoming book with the help of my girl, Kristen. It’s just perfect and lends itself to becoming a quite spectacular read; I have already started jotting out my ideas and frames for all of the stories. I was up all night tossing and turning because my mind was racing and teeming with ideas! This Saturday, while lounging by the pool, catching some rays, I will be on my laptop, typing away. I am so ultra-excited about this! I sleep with a notepad on my night stand b/c I often wake up and have to write stuff down. I should have done that last night, but the rain was too good to me and I stayed cozied up in my covers.

*B* over and out!


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