um, random, I know

But, how do you eat your bagel?… At my new job they have bagel Thursdays; not good for your waistline at all! However, a once anorexic friend of mine taught me a little trick if you simply can not pass up a bagel…you dig out the insides! Genius! So now, I can have my bagel and eat it too! lol! I have been doing this for years and was in the process of doing it this morning when I noticed a co worker doing the same thing! We both laughed because, it’s hard to pass up the gourmet bagels they bring in the morning, LOL! So I ask, how do you eat your bagel?

…random post, I know, but it was such a funny coincidence!


One Response to “um, random, I know”

  1. Mademoiselle M Says:

    oooh… good idea. I think I’d feel a lil anorexic doing it but some things must be done.

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