Dear W magazine editors…

Your magazine SUCKS as of late; let me explain myself. While I was bemused at last month’s offering with that crazy bitch Naomi on the cover and was dazzled by her outfits and uncanniness, I am a bit annoyed/un-dazzled by this month’s flimsy magazine. I think one of the best articles ever, was the one from a couple months ago with Imelda Marcos. Your magazine has failed to wow me for a while now, but this month was just no excuse! That lame Gucci ad that I was bombarded with in the first flip of the page was “underwhelming” as well as the what, 50 other pages that remained to be flipped and scoffed at.

This magazine just sucks! You have nothing to write about and omg! the photo spread at the end of the mag was just confusing. WHAT, pre tell, were you trying to convey here? I couldn’t even look at it again. I just threw the mag down in disgust. I thought I was in for some great photography, maybe even one, just one good article. But no! Nothing of the sort. I don’t know if you all are on vacation and couldn’t be bothered with this month’s offering, but goodness! it.blows!

I hope the Fall issues live up to my expectations, or else! Or else, you will no longer adorn most of my cute coffee table with your lame magazines. Oh and one more thing, can you get a bit more creative with cover models and stories? I mean really! WHO THE F CARES about John Travolta and “those rumors”! Are there rumors about John Travolta? And if so, W, why are you covering a story on them? Really people, I wish fashion glossies would go back to what they once were; FASHION!


Disgruntled *B*


One Response to “Dear W magazine editors…”

  1. Karinaxoxo Says:

    I couldnt agree mre;
    Really people, I wish fashion glossies would go back to what they once were; FASHION

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