I’m down with OPB, yeah you know me!

OPB – Other People’s Blogs

Swizz Beatz song, No Money in the Bank is taunting me today LOL, because well, I ain’t got no money in the bank, BUT I’m not walking around acting all stank. LOL! Anyways, was doing my daily round of blogs and happened among the following:

*Find out how to be a Skinny Bitch over at Style Dash

*Check out Fashion Kitty to find out how Posh stays so fly

*Go try and say something nice over at Crunk + Disorderly, I dare you, TRY! Because I couldn’t! Those b*tches look a MESS

*But before you leave C+D, please take a moment of silence for this sad, sad woman

*Say ‘Oui’ to this hot ring by Dior via K Dukes

*I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who thought J-Hud could have used a pair (or two) of Spanx! – Bougie Broad

*Ummm, when will Isiah Washington shut the hell up!?!?!

*This simple b*tch and her fake ass get on my nerves! Check out The Skinny Website to see if she has gained weight or not

Ok, peace out people!


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