Back in the day…

When I was young, I’m not a kid anymore…blah! I loooooong for those summer nights of dark tag, and ding dong dash, and kickball in the street, and playing at the pool for 8 hours, street hockey, tackle football, summer camp, the ice cream man – I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!!!!! ah! What I wouldn’t give to be a child again and have no care in the world! No fear of bill collectors LOL! Waking up all early! Running outside to ring your next door neighbors door so we can commence playing for 18 hours!

Being a kid was great! Living at home after college was quite fab too! I was able to experience the glamorous life, if only for a couple years. I recall balling out at the club, which we HAD to go to every Friday – if you don’t know about Dream then I’m sorry, plunking down the credit card and leaving with $100 bar tab, but who cares b/c I was drunk as hell and had a damn good time! Remember those days of getting together with friends for a lavish dinner AND ordering drinks at dinner! LOL! So much better than dirty lemon water haha!

When I lived at home, I had the pleasure of shopping in such fine establishments as Needless Markup (Neiman Marcus), Nordstrom – I so miss my discount! If I didn’t get it from Nordstrom then I probably got it from Loehmann’s – if you do not live near a good Loehmann’s I feel for you. Me and my girls used to tear up the one off of Route 50 in VA until we discovered the one in Chevy Chase, MD. ah! It was like designer clothes paradise! Everything that was being sold in the Savvy department was at Loehmann’s for nada! Of course we snapped shyt up like crazy! I remember going into my closet and being bombarded by bags and bags of unused clothes, tags hanging off the ones that I managed to hang up lol! omg! I am SO missing my old life!

Anyways, I had a flashback because of course I was perusing and saw many many things I could so do to have in my possession! A new Louis would fit so right on my arm right now. And some cute new Dior heels…blah! I better get back to ‘work’ so I can you know, pay bills and barely afford to live after that and my rent is paid!


One Response to “Back in the day…”

  1. Black Girl Interrupted Says:

    those were the days, weren’t they? i was just talking to my friend about this…reminiscing about college and how my family took care of me and i got to party, shop, and hang out and no one cared because i was getting a higher education. those days were over soon after graduation. 😦 nowadays i have to save up for things that i want.

    good post.

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