Fantastic Summer Weekend!

Seriously, there is nothing more than spending a perfectly, fabulous summer day with good friends, oh, and a cute boy LOL! I’m getting ahead of myself. This weekend was sooooo much damn fun!

Friday my girl and I went to the official opening of this new club Ibiza in DC! EVERYBODY and they momma was up in that piece! I figured it would be a huge opening just from all the different promoters who had been promoting for this night. I really don’t think the owners expected such a huge turnout! I saw people I hadn’t seen in a minute and some I never wanted to see again haha! The night was only made better when DJ AM got on the ones and twos! If you don’t listen to DJ AM on the AOL radio, you are crazy lol! I love the mixes he does! He totally made the extremely fab club even more so with the music he was spinning; I danced all night long, gotta love that!

I also have a story that will be in the following blog about my drunk dialing hehehe!

So Saturday comes! Yay! It’s BEAUTIFUL outside and I can’t wait to go see my friends! I begin my day by going to get my passport photos and turn in all my passport stuff at the post office. I also got a nice surprise from my Young Tenderoni(he’s 22)! LOL He wanted to hang out that day and it just so happens he lives right down the street from where I’m going. I told him about the party and he said he wanted to go. Peace, we hadn’t hung out much so this was going to be fun. I swing by and grab him and off we go to the party. Now, mind you I keep my ish to myself, so my friends were surprised lol because I don’t bring guys around them that often.

Anywho, it was SUCH a fun day! We celebrated a friend’s b-day, had tons of drinks and food and lots and lots of conversation lol. Everybody really liked him and kept coming up to me like who is this? you two are so cute! and blah blah lol Truth is, we aren’t anything, you know, just in the early stages. So we were having serious, deep conversations all day and ended up on my friends hammock, where we proceeded to fall asleep in each other’s arms…awww…yeah, it was cute, a fab end to a fab day!

SO, how was everybody’s weekend!?!? do tell!



One Response to “Fantastic Summer Weekend!”

  1. The Narcist Says:

    so jealous, my weekend was fun but yours sounded WAY more better!

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