My drunk dialing escapade

Continued from below post, here is my early morning adventure in drunk dialing…

So of course your girl was right toasted since the bartenders were pouring lovely amounts of Vodka in my cup lol and I took it upon myself to call a few BASTARDS that never received the proper curse out for their foolishness! To one’s chagrin, he picked up the phone at 4 in the morning, LOL sucka! I heard his girl in the background too lol hahahaha! I let him have it! I just hate his stinking guts! He makes me vomit! He’s the scum between my toes LOL ($50 to anyone who can tell me what movie that is from! – real talk) Next dude, was smart LOL because I got his voice mail hehehe, I dropped my phone mid message, pulled over, picked my phone up and continued my rant! I just had to let him know, in no uncertain terms, that he was in fact a piece of sh!t! 🙂

Don’t you know this bamma calls me at 9 damn AM! and I grabbed the phone to make it stop ringing and it’s this dumbass! Talkin ’bout, so that’s how you feel about me, why’s it gotta be like that!? WHAT THE F*CK! Why do you CARE how I feel about your slum ass! huh? why! Then this imbicile goes on to say “It’s not that I’m ignoring you, it’s just the person I’m with right now is over protective – ummmm who the fuck cares(that’s what i was thinking) He continues with “I know you, and if she had answered the phone when you called you would have cussed her out” – wait, let’s pause for ONE moment here, B is a grown ass woman, and unless said “person” has done something to me personally, I have zero reason to kirk out on her, so lame-ass, no i don’t have TIME or the ENERGY to cuss out some female who may or may not answer your phone – seems like he was waiting for that exact moment – shit face!

Anywho, so I let him talk, btw, the whole time my ass is uncontrollably LAUGHING haha and he can’t stand it! I was like, “um, ok so you called me at 9 in the morning to tell me you are with someone? *snickering* He lets out a frustrated sigh and says “I never disrespected you, never called you out your name and now you leave me this message” I said ” I just wanted to let you know that you’re a piece of sh!t” *more snickering* – I AM STILL DRUNK! – I eventually hang up on him because he is going on and on about how he knows me and now he knows how I feel about him – question, genious, why the f*ck do you care what I think of you? sleep on that

I’m out!


5 Responses to “My drunk dialing escapade”

  1. The Diva's Thoughts Says:

    Girl you are too funny!!!!

  2. Black Girl Interrupted Says:

    little rascals. i want my money. i accept credit cards, paypal, ebt cards, and all forms of currency. 😉

    glad to hear you had an interesting weekend!

    i’ll blog about my weekend later. check me out later tonight or tomorrow morning.

  3. Karinaxoxo Says:

    Little Rascals!!! You can donate to the Move Karina fund ( bahaha if only!
    And I personally luv drunk dialling… truth is told when you are drunk!!!

  4. The Narcist Says:

    lol i’m mad black girl interrupted beat me to the punch otherwise I would have been $50 richer!

    drunk dailing is the best, a drunk mind speaks with a sober tongue! I’m glad you let him have it next time your drinking I’m giving you the number to a few assholes I need cursed out=)

  5. Sonya Says:

    Lil Rascals! Yessss, I could use $50 right about now too!

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