I’m going green

And I’m going to be a vegetarian. Are any of you vegetarians? I know I can’t go Vegan because there are certain things I would like to be able to have ever so often such as eggs or cheese in my eggs, but other than that, I can do without the meat; I don’t eat much meat anyways. I recently fell in love with Whole Foods, albeit, the prices are dumb, but I think it’s so worth it to cleanse my body of years and years of toxic stuff. I stopped eating frozen/processed meals probably like 6 months ago, but it’s hard to not get food that isn’t processed. Hell, some healthy food is still processed!

I recently, since beginning boot camp, have added tons more fresh veggies and fruits to my daily food intake. Like, now I do not feel complete if I haven’t had some veggies or fruit. Don’t sleep on the healthy produce, it truly fills you up! I go to this Asian mart and get all of my healthy, fresh produce for dirt cheap! Today I picked up some brown rice rice cakes, fresh made hummus and almonds from Whole foods, only ran me like $5! I think that if I shop smart at Whole foods and get the rest of my stuff at the Asian mart, eating ultra healthy/vegetarian won’t be so bad!

Today I am cleansing because I ate yucky food yesterday due to being stressed out! And my body did not take too well to it. So today I’ve had celery stalks, pita and hummus, baby carrots – those are my fav, tons of water and a granola bar; I already feel lighter and better. I think I will detox for the rest of the week because we ate bar food and my body is completely revolting against me, plus I need to get on the treadmill. Anywho, are any of you vegetarians? If so, give me some tips!



5 Responses to “I’m going green”

  1. The Narcist Says:

    i hate to sound stereotypical but I could never become a vegetarian because i love chicken! i have just recently given up red meat. it was hard especially over fourth of july and memorial day bbqs but i definetely feel its worth it. good luck!

  2. Jamie@city-itis Says:


    I just recently transitioned into vegetarianism and I love it. My mind and spirit are so much clearer and I feel lighter. Truly life changing for me. I don’t had any real advice since I’m so new to the game…but good luck!

  3. Jamie@city-itis Says:

    Oh…and I’m a lacto-ovo veggie. I couldn’t give up cheese and eggs!

  4. shooky @ hummus blog Says:

    This is all very nice. I only hope that the hummus was not in a packaged version which is purely industrial. If so, you should try our hummus recipe which is perfectly simple and more healthy.

  5. SueZette Says:

    I fasted from all meat except for 40 days last year for lent and I felt like I was eating so much better than when I was eating chicken and red meat. I think I’mma fast again from now until my birthday in November. Mmmm…it doesn’t hurt that I love MorningStar…lol

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