I’ve done it again!

Yup, Bianca has YET a-DAMN-gain ruined a perfectly good, healthy, loving, nurturing, ADULT, could-see-the-future-together WONDERFUL relationship; P.S. that is the second one in three, yes 3 months! WTF!!!

What is wrong with me!? Seriously, clearly, it is me. And that makes me so sad. Why is this happening you ask? Well, I will tell you…

…I trip and flip out over trivial, petty shyt. Yes, that is my fault. I’m talking shyt can be SO sweet, going so so well. Then, something will set me off, and that.is.it.

I truly am upset right now. This guy was something so special. He had a light about him that attracted him to me so much more. He is so determined to make something of himself, all I want to do is help him along the way. We grew so close over the last month, it was like magic. But alas, abracadaba, shyt is over, all because of me. And no, this will not get a second chance. That bridge is basically non existant, blown up never to be rebuilt.

I’m sad. It didn’t hit me until this morning and my bed was empty because we had a fight last night. I’m sullen. I will get over it.



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