Golden (Champagne) Birthday

On August 26, 2007, your beloved *B* will be 26! whoa to getting old so fast LOL! but YAY to my golden birthday! I need some suggestions for what I should do!

What did you all that have had your golden b-day do?


One Response to “Golden (Champagne) Birthday”

  1. It is What It Is... Says:

    Well – when I turned 26, my boyfriend (ex) took me to Ruth n’ Chris’s and then we flew to Bermuda! IT was FAB – gosh, I miss him! LOL

    When I turned 27 – my best friends threw me a party with a Papparazzi theme in a mini-ballroom at a hotel with about 45 of my closest female friends and family members – they hired a male exotic dancer, played adult games, and gave out mini champagne bottles as favors! It was the best!!

    For my sister – we got a stretch limo rented a private room at the ChopHouse in the district and then went club/bar hopping afterwards…

    I’m getting ready to turn 28 and not looking forward to it…LOL – so I’ll probably do SouthBeach with my new hunie this go-round…

    But whatever you do – DO it up!!

    PS. First time stopping thru! Love it!

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