Ok. So here’s an update on youngin. I think he’s shady as a mf. We haven’t seen each other for a week. Fine, I can deal, b/c I have been crazy busy with work, you have NO idea and he’s doing his graphic design crap. Anyways, so he’s going out of town this weekend and we made plans to hang out before he leaves. He is only going away till Monday, but still, we haven’t seen each other. Anywho, he’s being SO ultra shady!

Shock? no Surprised? no Disappointed? not even Annoyed? nope Why? because he’s a male and males do the most assinine, inexplicable things. How are you going to be all about me, then be mad shady when we are supposed to hang out. Clearly he does not know me and doesn’t know my policy on shadiness.

Shady=I drop you, just like that, never to speak to you again. I just don’t have the time.

I suppose I will keep you updated, but I can see how this will end, or how it ended. smh. NEXT!

*B* over and out to go shake my ass at the club LOL!!!


5 Responses to “Seriously”

  1. Black Girl Interrupted Says:

    I think the shadiness applies to most men in our age group. Sadly, they don’t act right until you start acting like a bitch toward them and doing your own thing. You and I both know they’re all over you once they catch wind that you’re slipping away. So do you ma! Shake it one time for me.

  2. The Narcist Says:

    ditto 110% what ms. BGI said. guys only seem to wake up when you start ignoring them. they’re like emotional masachists (sp?) they love to be abused and ignored. i’m sure after a weekend of shaking your ass and not calling he’ll be super pressed to hang out

  3. rebelleBAP Says:

    Listen, there is no excuse on this planet for a dude that you kickin it with not to spend some time with you. Even if his ass with fuckin president of the world, if was really into you, he would have carved time out this week on the real. And don’t give him a minute of your time…that “spend time together before he leaves” BS is to keep you on his schedule and to see how he much shady ass game he can run on you. Go shake you ass at the club and quit that bitch!

  4. *B* Says:

    @ BGI & the Narcist – I know, but I’m too grown for this mess; just too grown, you wanna play, play with child b/c i’m not the one

    @ Rebelle – consider the bitch quit!

    Ya’ll have a damn fabulous weekend! I know I am!

  5. Mademoiselle M Says:

    thas right girl, tell em:


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