Had to take a break

So I went to ULTA to get my nail polish fix! I am in desperate need of hot new nail polish because I am sick of the ones I have. I have been looking for the perfect gunmetal nail polish and found it in Hit Me With Your Best Shot by Lippman created with Pat Benatar, but alas, ULTA did not have it!

So I wandered over by the Essie and OPI nail laquers, my ultimate faves, to check our their silver polish offerings. The OPI silver polish was wack, LOL and came out too sheer. I found the Loophole polish by Essie and instantly fell in love! It reminds me of my old skool Revlon silver from highschool; why did they stop making that color? Anywho, then I also fell in love with the pretty coral, Click it or Ticket. So I was in a slight dilemma, do I get both or just one? I LOVE a sparkly, sheer, coral for my toes in the summer; it’s so fab! So while pondering what I was going to do, I happen upon this nifty little four pack containing: Loophole, Click it or ticket, Huckle Buckle (a very yummy sheer lavender) and Below the Belt, the white polish. Everything I need for summer all in one case! Now, why didn’t I discover this at the beginning of summer!? Oh well, the minis will last me through the rest of summer and a bit into fall.


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