My fantabulous weekend!

Good morning all and happy Monday! I am on the serious countdown to Cancun! 9 days people, 9 days!!! Anywho, I hope each and every one of you had a fantastic weekend! b/c I sure did! I will break it down by day…

Thursday night:

Got to hang out and chill with my people from AOL that I miss dearly! It was like college all over again! There was a keg of Miller Lite(mother’s milk, LOL), beer pong, flip cup and one of those tables with the soccer players but it’s not called soccer? Oh, and JELLO SHOTS! yay! all of this on a Thursday; gotta love it! That is me, my girl Nik, and my homey Kirsten! Love it!


Was a day from hell, but the night surely made up for it! We were supposed to go to Jazz in the sculpture gardens here in DC but the weather was not being nice! We decided to go home, nap, get refreshed and go out that night instead. Our plan was to go to this spot that is free all night and open bar till 11, then hit up Adam’s Morgan since it was such a nice night out. We finally get into the spot, only to have about 20 minutes of free drinks…we made our way to the bar and double fisted to get the full benefits of the open bar, LOL! anyways, the men in there were um, not cute, but whatever we danced and danced and danced all night! Took it to Adam’s Morgan to get some much needed food at the Diner and met some really cute and smart boys!


I went to my family reunion and now that I’m a vegetarian, found myself quite hungry seeing as though all they had cooked up were hot dogs and hamburgers until the real food was served. I survived off of fresh picked peaches and some chips. My family threw down on the seafood! Soft shell crabs, whiting, shrimp! I was in heaven!!! You know I took a full plate home with me haha!

That night was this party that is thrown monthly at a very nice and swanky location. Catering to the professional and grad school crowd, only 23 and up, we knew this would be a nice night. Indeed it was! The line was orderly and moved quickly, check. Every girl was dressed up in dresses or skirts, check. The men, the men, the men haha they were all dressed very dapper as well, gotta love it! There were no white tees, timbs or jeans in sight, this was definitely a good night! The place was packed, yet not all gross and sweaty like a club. No disrespectful men grabbing and pulling; just gently placing their hand on your waist if they wanted to dance. Such a nice affair it was. Good music, good drinks, fabulous people! What more could we have asked for!

This weekend was exactly what I needed! I thoroughly enjoyed myself and am looking forward to August 18th which is the next event they will have. If you are in the DC area, holla at me because this is an event you shouldn’t miss šŸ˜‰

I hope you all have wonderful work days this week! Pray for me ya’ll, there is stuff going on at my job and only the Lord can fix it! I know He will! :o)



2 Responses to “My fantabulous weekend!”

  1. Southern_Lady Says:

    Whoa! You had an excellent weekend! I’m going to get to DC one way or another. Maybe before the New Year. I’m like Kanye, “Wait til I get my money right!” Have a lovely week and God will work it out.

  2. The Narcist Says:

    Damn you sure know how to turn a bad day around. I didn’t even know events like the one from saturday existed!

    me and my girls hit up the open bar for avenue also, and then quickly headed elsewear because as you said the boys in there were so not cute!

    Great Weekend and Cute Picuter

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