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Labor Day Weekend

August 30, 2007

Yo what it dew my people! lol! I suck because I haven’t written here in AGES! I swear, ever since i got back from Cancun life has just been this crazy whirlwind! It still hasn’t settled, but I hate neglecting My PURPLE World and you lovelies!

So, what are you all getting into this weekend???? I am going to continue to party like a Rockstar and start my weekend off at LOVE. There is nothing better than LOVE(Dream) on a long weekend. Why you ask? Because of all the out of towners…hehehe Anywho! Saturday is going to be packed! I am going to help my girls paint their place, then it’s one of my friend’s b-day celebration that night as well. Who knows where we are going but I’m down! I kinda hope we hit up Adam’s Morgan; nothing like Adam’s Morgan on a balmy Summer night!

Let’s see, then Sunday is a BBQ which is going to be damn fun, but now I want to go to King’s Dominion; I need some real roller coasters in my life lol! We shall see about that. Monday, my little brother is coming up from VCU so we can celebrate his birthday! I’m hoping my dad grills that day because he can THROW down!

So yeah, that’s a quick snippet for you all. I’ve had a really great past few days and am SO looking forward to this weekend!

P.S. – how come this day is going by so slow? And how come all day yesterday I thought it was Tuesday?

Peace out yo!



My Birthday pics!!!

August 29, 2007


August 29, 2007

…my life 🙂 Lots of things going on! Ups, downs, whirl-a-rounds!!! I will be back momentarily once things settle 🙂

Love you all and pray for me!!!

besos & hugs,


Cancun Pictures!!!!

August 27, 2007

Finally posted below!

Check out my Slide Show!

August 27, 2007

Check out my Slide Show!

August 27, 2007

It’s my B-Day!!!

August 27, 2007

And I am twenty-six years young!!! 🙂

This weekend was a blast! I shall post pics and stories this week!



My Birthday Shoes

August 22, 2007

To go with my Birthday Dress!!! I just took it to Nordies to get it shortened, LOL! Hey I gotta show off my hot, sexy legs! And what better way to do it than with some hott gold platform, stillettos!!!! AND, being the fabulous fashionista on a budget, the shoes were SO affordable, I’m going ALL out for my accesories!!!! Here they are! I’m getting so excited!!!!!!

My Birthday dress!!!

August 20, 2007

This is my fantastic and fabulous dress that I will be debuting for my fabulous birthday bash! 🙂

I saw it online at in the BP dept and knew this was my dress! I had seen a dress similar to the way it is designed at Macy’s but it was cut all wrong! But this dress is a winner! I called one store, they had it, I put it onhold and picked it up Saturday. Slipped it on and viola! My b-day dress!!!

Now I just have to pick up some fun accessories! I have shoes, but ofcourse I want new ones, lol! BUT being the fantastic fashionista on a budget, I may forego the new shoes for tons of new accessories; afterall, the shoes I have in my closet will more than suffice!

I have already picked out my makeup for the evening, lots of golds, bronze and the like. I will be heading to the MAC counter after work to have them apply my ultra fun lashes and shoot! I may just have them do my makeup!

I seriously can’t wait for this weekend! I will be getting tons of rest, taking my vitamins, getting up for morning jogs and not working too hard this week lol!

Hope you all have a fantastic week!!!!!!!!!!!!



Follow up & new day!

August 18, 2007

What up!!!!

*B* is in a new and even more fabulous place than she was yesterday!

Today is a new, wonderful, fabulous, bright, God given day!


That post below is the most raw emotion you will EVER see from me period. Today is a new day and I am feeling like a million bucks! nah, scratch that, infinity bucks! lol! Anyways! I went to bed last night in a medicine induced haze, i’m still sick from Mexico, and woke up with a big ass smile on my face! I never question it when I wake up with a smile on my face; I just thank the Lord for a new day and a new attitude!

I seriously feel like a weight has been lifted off of me! Every single thing happens for a reason and for that I am ever grateful! God is always looking out for yours truly! Trust. I seriously don’t even care about the situation from last night. Like, it’s like I got what I wanted; the mind eraser. Life is what it is and I’m going to live fabulously regardless!

Today I go try on my Birthday dress! woooo hooooooooo!!!! I am SO EXCITED!!! I hope it’s as fabulous as I think it is! And if not, no worries, I will head over to Georgetown and hit up the boutiques because…today is a fabulous, beautiful day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luv ya all! Hope you all have a FANTASTICAL weekend!!!


*B* Fab