Bianca’s Fabulous Birthday Bash!

So I have decided on a venue for my Champagne Birthday! and it will be at DC’s newest, and hottest, IMO, spot, IBIZA! I fell in love with it when we went to the opening back at the beginning of July! Pure fabulousness! Swanky interior, mucho bars AND a rooftop area; I fell in luv!

So what better place to have my soirée than at Ibiza! I am going to do it ‘big’, get a table and all that and bottle service all night; gotta have the champagne flowing!

Now here is the fun part: only if you want to, feel free to contribute to Bianca’s Fabulous Birthday bash by clicking the button below. ALSO, if you are in the DC area and you wanna come partay with me, let me know! Stop by, say hi and have some champagne!!!

Friday August 24, 2007 – save the date LOL!



4 Responses to “Bianca’s Fabulous Birthday Bash!”

  1. B_More BAP Life Says:

    This sounds like a fab time!!!!

  2. The Narcist Says:

    wow great location! i’ll be in georgia otherwise i would have tried to make an appearance. do it big b*

  3. Black Girl Interrupted Says:

    sounds fun! if i were going to be in DC this month i would sure stop by. my friend told me ibiza was cool.

    i’m loving the champagne b-day theme.

  4. Southern_Lady Says:

    Have fun on your Champagne BDday! If I was in DC, which I wish I could, you know I would stop through.

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