The return of the youngin Part 1

Hola peeps! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Mine wasn’t as eventful, nor as fun as last weekend, but the church I went to today made up for it!

Onto the ‘youngin’ So ofcourse you all remember my below post about how he completely dipped out of town sans comminication. Anywho, so just like a male, he decides that now that he wants to comminucate, I should want to too. LOL! He MUST not know who he is dealing with.

Here’s the scoop(this is a tad bit long, but fun reading nonetheless):

I check my email, that I hardly check, and find an email from him that he sent on Thursday. Our conversation is thus:

Him: MISS YOU !!!

Me: o. u do

Him: yesss

Me: interesting.

Him: y ??

Me: you make time for who and what you want so…

Him: i been pressed since i came back

Me: and what does all that mean?

Him: i want to see you

Me: o k. y now?

Him: because im done with finals and im back in town

Me: hmmm ok. That’s all well and good, however, actions speak louder than words.

Him: so wen can i see you

Me: that depends, what exactly do you have in mind

Him: seeing you ??? y u actin ike that ???

Me: ‘Youngin’, I’m not acting like anything. Normally when people say they are going to get together with me and then they fake, I really don’t have much to say to them. But now you say you “miss me” and “want to see me”. pardon me for being skeptical and not jumping up and down just because, now that you have ‘time’ you want to see me. and furthermore, I am interested in dating, going on dates etc. if that is not what you are interested in then we have two different agendas.

Him: i thought we were dating

Me: ok. first, perhaps you should get to a phone and give me a call? secondly, how are you just not going to address what happened the day before you went out of town? Third, when I’m dating someone, it’s not a question of ‘i thought we were dating’; I know we are dating by how much we are communicating and spending time together. I was interested in getting to know you, but you seem like you def have alot of things going on and perhaps not enough time to dedicate to dating me. Especially if you can be ghost for like over a week then pop up with “i miss you”

Him: we will schedule something

Me: LOL! simply hilarious! Thanks for my biggest laugh of the day!

OK, WTF hahaha! seriously! funniest thing E V E R! He’s a simpleton that I have ZERO time for! So between the 22 yr old popping back up and the 30 y.o. ‘hustler'(w/ 4 rugrats) asking me to be his girlfriend(long story, I may do a post on it before I go to Mexico), I’ve had a very interesting past couple of days.

Onto much better things…… 3 days, your fabulous *B* will be on a plane to Mexico! ahhhh, pure bliss and paradise awaits yours truly! Have a fantabulous week, lovlies!



2 Responses to “The return of the youngin Part 1”

  1. Black Girl Interrupted Says:

    oh the man drama!

  2. The Narcist Says:

    LMAO, he’s a damn trip poppin back up like nothing happened. men are beyond silly.

    and please post the 30 y.o. story. i need another laugh this week!

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