Follow up & new day!

What up!!!!

*B* is in a new and even more fabulous place than she was yesterday!

Today is a new, wonderful, fabulous, bright, God given day!


That post below is the most raw emotion you will EVER see from me period. Today is a new day and I am feeling like a million bucks! nah, scratch that, infinity bucks! lol! Anyways! I went to bed last night in a medicine induced haze, i’m still sick from Mexico, and woke up with a big ass smile on my face! I never question it when I wake up with a smile on my face; I just thank the Lord for a new day and a new attitude!

I seriously feel like a weight has been lifted off of me! Every single thing happens for a reason and for that I am ever grateful! God is always looking out for yours truly! Trust. I seriously don’t even care about the situation from last night. Like, it’s like I got what I wanted; the mind eraser. Life is what it is and I’m going to live fabulously regardless!

Today I go try on my Birthday dress! woooo hooooooooo!!!! I am SO EXCITED!!! I hope it’s as fabulous as I think it is! And if not, no worries, I will head over to Georgetown and hit up the boutiques because…today is a fabulous, beautiful day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luv ya all! Hope you all have a FANTASTICAL weekend!!!


*B* Fab


One Response to “Follow up & new day!”

  1. The Narcist Says:

    i’m glad you got your mind eraser. i hope that means your heart is no longer stone. i know all the bs men can bring but for some reason i’m still a hopeless romantic…

    hope the dress works out. i expect to see pictures missy!!!

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