My Birthday dress!!!

This is my fantastic and fabulous dress that I will be debuting for my fabulous birthday bash! 🙂

I saw it online at in the BP dept and knew this was my dress! I had seen a dress similar to the way it is designed at Macy’s but it was cut all wrong! But this dress is a winner! I called one store, they had it, I put it onhold and picked it up Saturday. Slipped it on and viola! My b-day dress!!!

Now I just have to pick up some fun accessories! I have shoes, but ofcourse I want new ones, lol! BUT being the fantastic fashionista on a budget, I may forego the new shoes for tons of new accessories; afterall, the shoes I have in my closet will more than suffice!

I have already picked out my makeup for the evening, lots of golds, bronze and the like. I will be heading to the MAC counter after work to have them apply my ultra fun lashes and shoot! I may just have them do my makeup!

I seriously can’t wait for this weekend! I will be getting tons of rest, taking my vitamins, getting up for morning jogs and not working too hard this week lol!

Hope you all have a fantastic week!!!!!!!!!!!!




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