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Pantone revived the Fashionista

September 27, 2007
Wow! So I woke up with Pantone on my mind. Like I was seriously contemplating the seriousness of Pantone on the world; the fashion world to be exact. And how it infiltrates every single aspect of our lives, wardrobes and fashion choices whether we realize it or not.

Remember that scene in Devil Wears Prada where Andy laughs at the girl trying to decide between two similar looking turqouise belts that she claimed were the ‘same.’ Didn’t you cringe a little inside when Miranda went off on her about finding her yucky blue sweater in the bottom of a bargain bin at some store LOL! and she sternly pointed out that the sweater color had been hand picked for her as evidenced in a collection showing Cerulean gowns…oh I could go on forever, I swear! (P.S. – I found it on youtube but it has it has been taken down, booooo)

Anyways, what brought this on is my new OPI nail polish that I bought yesterday called Lincoln Park at Midnight; a cute sparkly version of the Lincoln Park After Dark that I so loved! So I was so much in love with the new Russian Collection with its rich, dark hues and this one polish color that looked so inky black with a touch of purple sparkles, but when you put it on it was a fabulous navy! OMG! I am SO inspired to begin my hunt for the perfect Fall pieces to compliment my new nail polish favorites!

Yeah, yeah I’m late on getting my Fall stuff but you have no idea! I have been in a fashion funk lately and haven’t been inspired. I mean I let my September Vogue sit on my table, STILL wrapped in plastic for about two weeks before I even opened it! Then when I did, I found ONE piece to be inspired by and that was a fabulous pair of Ferragamo sky-scrapers! Aren’t they fabulous! I love them to pieces, seriously and with this Chanel dress I saw on Jennifer Aniston! You couldn’t talk to me lol I’d be too bad! Ha, like I can afford these shoes or the dress, but alas! I was inspired!

So thanks to those wonderful talking heads that run Pantone, bless them, these fabulous ‘Russian’ inspired colors that they picked out, oh about two years ago, have revived the fashionista in me!!!

Peace out peoples!!!



Nailah O Franklin – Missing

September 22, 2007

I was sent a Myspace bulletin from a friend who used to live in Chicago about Nailah O Franklin who has been missing from Illinois since Tuesday. I don’t know about anyone else, but just reading the articles makes me shudder. Apparently, just recently, she had been receiving threatening text messages and phone calls from someone she used to date. She called the police to file a report and they told her she needed to get a protective order. She didn’t have a chance to get one just yet because she has been busy working; she’s a Phamaceutical rep.(Read the articles below)
This world is SUCH a crazy place! If you have facebook, there is a group, probably more now, but a group called “Supporting the search for Nailah O Franklin” Her family has secured a location near her condo to meet and distribute flyers. Also, tonight there is a prayer meeting for her that will gather outside of her condo building. I truly hope and pray that Nailah will be found alive and returned to her family.

Here are some articles:

Where’s his twin brother or something?

September 21, 2007

Over at, Hillary ‘big teeth’ Duff was surprised, A WEEK EARLY, for her b-day by her new boy with a…G-Wagon with “a big red bow on top”! And that, Gentlemen, is what a birthday surprise is! Apparently, there are more to come…prolly in the form of jewels or clothes or shoes, or should I say ‘and.’

Oh to be a Hollywood starlet who can’t sing, can’t dance, gets skinny for fun, parties every night, dates people who buy their gf SUVs that cost like 100g’s…well not really, but you know!

Hey! Have a fantastic weekend folks! I know I am!!!

Old hags and the City?

September 21, 2007

Yo, I know those of you who are fans of Sex and the City may share my sentiments, or maybe not. Below is an IM convo b/t me and my homey. Really though, why are they making the movie now? why!

*B*:ok so what r ur thoughts on the new movie sex and the city movie
FKitty:i posted about carries outfit on styledash i dont knwo if its up yet
FKitty: those bitches are too old for their antics is my opinion
*B*: lol
FKitty: i mean they are like 40
FKitty:running around sleeping with men
FKitty: acting like they are 20
FKitty: i cant watch that shit, can i?
*B*: lol yup
*B*:i don tknoe
*B*:i feel like they r tryna make it some pop icon – esque movie
*B*:but its been too long
*B*: and they r OLD
FKitty: i know
*B*: and miranda is a lesbian
FKitty: hahaha oh yeah
*B*:and i dont want to see kims’s tits
*B*: and SJP already looks like an old witch
*B*:and well who cares about charlott
*B*: and why is that american idol in the movie
*B*: its all too weird
*B*: u know the theatre will be full of house moms wearing damn big flower pins!
FKitty: hahahaaaaaaaaaaaa
FKitty: which damn american idol is in it?
FKitty: J Hud?
FKitty: are they getting a black friend
FKitty: LOL
FKitty: or is she gonna be serving them cosmos
FKitty:damn movie
*B*: lol
*B*: shes going to be carries assistant!
*B*:assistan for what?!
*B*: carrie sits at her apt and types on her macbook like once a day
FKitty: LOL
*B*: what does she need an assistant 4
FKitty: this movie is gonna blow
*B*: u know it!

End scene. I really wish I had my own TV Show…I may take YouTube for a spin…



September 21, 2007

in action. Wow, I haven’t posted since 9/13. Below post is important. I had it on draft and just finished it today. Read it. Regular postings will be back 🙂

I know you missed me.


JESUS worked it out!

September 18, 2007

Hi. I know I have been MIA but well, I’ve been going through it. And well, one storm is over and I am extremely happy about it; thrilled actually. Here is the story of how being steadfast in the Lord, keeping my eyes on Him and praying faithfully, changed my situation and strengthened my faith.

My job situation was NEVER what I thought it was going to be, so one month into my new job, I began looking for work(June). So I kept working there and praying. Working and praying. Well, things got really bad, but I never lost sight and my faith was stronger than ever. (I know I have a way to go, but this is the strongest I’ve ever been in my life)

So, basically, I had to quit my job. I did this last Wednesday. I had taken off work on Monday because I just couldn’t take it anymore to look for jobs. I went to work Tuesday and set up a meeting with my company on Wenesday to address my concerns. I told them my concerns, they didn’t care, nothing was solved, I quit; I had to.

I left the office and went directly to Kinkos and made copies of my resume and went to temp agencies. Went home and made more phone calls and sent out more resumes and applied for more jobs. Thursday, I go to the Washington Post job fair. Talk to some people, pass out my resume etc etc. I forgot to mention my church. My church and the message I receive from it weekly, is simply amazing. Revival was so good that Monday.

So, I wake up Friday morning to a phone call from a contact I had in the past. They needed to fill a position immediately. I sent her an updated copy of my resume, she sent it over and I got the job. Praise Jesus! While it is only temporary,!

I couldn’t be happier! Seriously. I never once worried about my situation, ever. I continued to pray and lean on the Lord. He will always provide for His children. I never worried about paying my bills, or putting gas in my truck or getting groceries; why, because it’s already done and Jesus worked it out and continues to work it out.

My God is an Awesome God! I had to share with you all. We are always going to have storms in our lives, but it is how you choose to deal with and take those storms head on; by prayer and faith. That is it.

The Lord blesses us so much that His blessings overflow! He blesses us in such a way that others will see just how blessed we are. I had to share! The Lord is the best thing in my life. He is the only constant, unchanging force in my life. With that, I can sleep at night, peacefully.

Thanks for listening.


What’s on B’s mind

September 14, 2007

I hope you all got that Kanye CD…burn it, buy it whatever, it’s ‘hot’

Why haven’t we seen many pictures of Nicole Richie? Guess now that she’s not a coke snorting anorexic maniac, no paparazzi want to snap her pic? – well I want to see if this frail thing can/is carrying a baby

Why oh WHY did Britney ‘fat mom arms’ Spears make my eyes fall out of my face on Sunday? Watching the performance on the web and tv just makes it so much worse!

I have a crush on this Island kid who has the most luscious long hair! LOL!

Has anyone ever seen this shyt TV show Celebrity Rap Superstar? Why is Jason Wahler on there of the Hills and Laguna Beach fame? whyyyyyyyyyyyyy

How come everyone that does Celeberity Fit Club blow up like 2 months after the show’s off? Let me tell you what! If I had nothing to do all day but be a celeb, I’d be the skinniest bitch EVER! trust that!

Speaking of which, I am going to follow in my homey’s footsteps and get on the tea ‘diet’ train! I love my green tea, but diet tea, perfect!

How come is it when you are over guys they always pop back up? Just go away forever, thanks.

I also have another crush on this guy I’ve known since Sophomore yr college…we’d be SO cute together! Two highly attractive go-getters…mmmm mmmm mmmm we’d be the DC power couple! lol

I am my hair! And I am going to cut it shorter. I just cut it into a blunt bob, myself, but now I need the back stacked and I am in serious need of a color overhaul! I have an idea so when I get my fundage str8, I’m going to see my Italian (read Moroccan) Lover, Aziz and have him glam up my tresses!

I am Fabulous! but, you already knew that.

That’s all



It feels so good!

September 8, 2007

To be able to get to a place where you can admit your wrong doings and do something about it. Last night I finally opened up to my good friend Kris about what has been going on in my life for the past 3-4 months. I knew I had to tell someone, and sorry, but I’m not getting into the whole thing on here, but I just had to get it out. The past few months I have been involved with two guys who were just NOT good for me. They didn’t do anything to physically harm me, but they just weren’t good guys to know.

One of them I’ve written about previously, The Youngin, the other I haven’t ever written about b/c our relationship was quite complicated; to another level that I found out about last week. He and I have been in an intense relationship basically from meeting each other, day one. I knew that was strange, but I figured, hell, why not.

I will back up though, I met both of these guys when I was in a bad place, relationship/love life wise. I had just lost the ‘love’ of my life and was miserable. I coudln’t have him back and that made me [feel] crazy. Anywho, so enter The Youngin and the other one.

The other one and I played roomates/husband-wife all last week and weekend. It was kind of nice having a guy around damn near 24/7, but in the back of my head I knew something was wrong. I mention last week because that was the most time we had ever spent together lol, all in each other’s faces, I’m sure that’s why we fought like a married couple, LOL. Anywho, so basically I felt like he was holding something back from me and when I got it out of him, I was like, wtf. Get out; of my house and life.

This week has just been a week of reflection. I haven’t talked to him much, won’t answer his calls etc. But when I woke up this morning after revealing to my friend what the deal was, I had to make some changes. Of which he will find out…when he calls…I changed my cell number…had to shake him the easiets way I know how. Plus, I just wanted a new number LOL.

I feel so good though! Like I really, really do! I’m so sick of meeting these bammas it’s ridiculous! I swear I’ma magent for them, but NO MORE! I’m just going to sit back and relax. Take a break and do me. It’s so funny how you learn so much about yourself when you are in a ‘relationship.’ Blah!

I just wanted to write b/c my head hurt and I was laying down, but I this blog entry kept swirling around in my head and I had to get up and write. I hope you all are having a fantastic weekend!!! If any of you are in the DC urea you should def hit up the party at Tuscana West tonight, it’s gonna be bananas, as per usual!




September 6, 2007

I might be insane!

Or life really is that crazy that I missed the FIRST day of Fashion Week! WTF!!!

And I’m more excited about watching Reggie Bush in the NFL season opener?!?!?!

What is going on here! I need to get back to my senses and back to reality! I’m going ASAP over to The New York Magazine for Fashion Week Live, and check in on my fav Fashion blogs to keep abreast because WE ALL KNOW that the damn STYLE network doesn’t play any fashion shows anymore, just yucky TV for stay-at-home moms…what do they know about fashion anyways! LOL

OK, I feel alittle better knowing I can watch these shows live online, but seriously, I am slippin! And between yous and me…I haven’t even hardly gotten through the first half of my Vogue *shudder* seriously, something may be a little off and I think I know what it is…



I Forgot!!!

September 5, 2007

On Friday after a free lunch of yummy sushi, I ventured over to South Moon Under just to glance around because we all know that ish is expensive, but I thought if I found something semi cute, I would just get it with my birthday coupon. Anywho, I walk in and look at the fab jewels then I see this big ass SALE sign, so I saunter back…and what do I find!!!!!!!

This hot to def, ultra sexy-liscious dress! I grabbed it and ran to the fitting room! It fit like a damn dream! It has fantabulous colors and the way it’s cut shows off my most fabulous assets 😉 and my tat-tat-tattoo! I look at the price tag and wince a lil, but I wanted it anyways. (It was orig. $138 and on sale for $69) I get to the cash register and the girl is like, “This is an extra 30% off!” WHAT!!!! At that point I didn’t care about anything BECAUSE I’m getting this fab dress for dirt cheap!!!
I was even more excited because I was going to LOVE and I like to pop tags and roll out the door; it’s just easier to get ready when you have something new! 🙂 PLUS I already had shoes to go, jewelry to drape and a fantastic new clutch to wear! I was SET! I plunked down my debit card and got my dress!
It was def a hit and ofcourse, NOONE had it 😉