I might be insane!

Or life really is that crazy that I missed the FIRST day of Fashion Week! WTF!!!

And I’m more excited about watching Reggie Bush in the NFL season opener?!?!?!

What is going on here! I need to get back to my senses and back to reality! I’m going ASAP over to The New York Magazine for Fashion Week Live, and check in on my fav Fashion blogs to keep abreast because WE ALL KNOW that the damn STYLE network doesn’t play any fashion shows anymore, just yucky TV for stay-at-home moms…what do they know about fashion anyways! LOL

OK, I feel alittle better knowing I can watch these shows live online, but seriously, I am slippin! And between yous and me…I haven’t even hardly gotten through the first half of my Vogue *shudder* seriously, something may be a little off and I think I know what it is…




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