It feels so good!

To be able to get to a place where you can admit your wrong doings and do something about it. Last night I finally opened up to my good friend Kris about what has been going on in my life for the past 3-4 months. I knew I had to tell someone, and sorry, but I’m not getting into the whole thing on here, but I just had to get it out. The past few months I have been involved with two guys who were just NOT good for me. They didn’t do anything to physically harm me, but they just weren’t good guys to know.

One of them I’ve written about previously, The Youngin, the other I haven’t ever written about b/c our relationship was quite complicated; to another level that I found out about last week. He and I have been in an intense relationship basically from meeting each other, day one. I knew that was strange, but I figured, hell, why not.

I will back up though, I met both of these guys when I was in a bad place, relationship/love life wise. I had just lost the ‘love’ of my life and was miserable. I coudln’t have him back and that made me [feel] crazy. Anywho, so enter The Youngin and the other one.

The other one and I played roomates/husband-wife all last week and weekend. It was kind of nice having a guy around damn near 24/7, but in the back of my head I knew something was wrong. I mention last week because that was the most time we had ever spent together lol, all in each other’s faces, I’m sure that’s why we fought like a married couple, LOL. Anywho, so basically I felt like he was holding something back from me and when I got it out of him, I was like, wtf. Get out; of my house and life.

This week has just been a week of reflection. I haven’t talked to him much, won’t answer his calls etc. But when I woke up this morning after revealing to my friend what the deal was, I had to make some changes. Of which he will find out…when he calls…I changed my cell number…had to shake him the easiets way I know how. Plus, I just wanted a new number LOL.

I feel so good though! Like I really, really do! I’m so sick of meeting these bammas it’s ridiculous! I swear I’ma magent for them, but NO MORE! I’m just going to sit back and relax. Take a break and do me. It’s so funny how you learn so much about yourself when you are in a ‘relationship.’ Blah!

I just wanted to write b/c my head hurt and I was laying down, but I this blog entry kept swirling around in my head and I had to get up and write. I hope you all are having a fantastic weekend!!! If any of you are in the DC urea you should def hit up the party at Tuscana West tonight, it’s gonna be bananas, as per usual!




2 Responses to “It feels so good!”

  1. The Narcist Says:

    you know what they say… as soon as you stop looking the right one comes along. so enjoy your moments of singledom and relaxation.

  2. Black Girl Interrupted Says:

    i agree with the narcist. enjoy your single life, stay busy and fulfilled.

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