What’s on B’s mind

I hope you all got that Kanye CD…burn it, buy it whatever, it’s ‘hot’

Why haven’t we seen many pictures of Nicole Richie? Guess now that she’s not a coke snorting anorexic maniac, no paparazzi want to snap her pic? – well I want to see if this frail thing can/is carrying a baby

Why oh WHY did Britney ‘fat mom arms’ Spears make my eyes fall out of my face on Sunday? Watching the performance on the web and tv just makes it so much worse!

I have a crush on this Island kid who has the most luscious long hair! LOL!

Has anyone ever seen this shyt TV show Celebrity Rap Superstar? Why is Jason Wahler on there of the Hills and Laguna Beach fame? whyyyyyyyyyyyyy

How come everyone that does Celeberity Fit Club blow up like 2 months after the show’s off? Let me tell you what! If I had nothing to do all day but be a celeb, I’d be the skinniest bitch EVER! trust that!

Speaking of which, I am going to follow in my homey’s footsteps and get on the tea ‘diet’ train! I love my green tea, but diet tea, perfect!

How come is it when you are over guys they always pop back up? Just go away forever, thanks.

I also have another crush on this guy I’ve known since Sophomore yr college…we’d be SO cute together! Two highly attractive go-getters…mmmm mmmm mmmm we’d be the DC power couple! lol

I am my hair! And I am going to cut it shorter. I just cut it into a blunt bob, myself, but now I need the back stacked and I am in serious need of a color overhaul! I have an idea so when I get my fundage str8, I’m going to see my Italian (read Moroccan) Lover, Aziz and have him glam up my tresses!

I am Fabulous! but, you already knew that.

That’s all




2 Responses to “What’s on B’s mind”

  1. rebelleBAP Says:

    Oh yeah that Ye’ West is crazy!!

  2. The Narcist Says:

    lol your mind is very full. can’t wait to see the new cut!

    and ditto on the kanye, britney and celebrity fit club commentary!

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