JESUS worked it out!

Hi. I know I have been MIA but well, I’ve been going through it. And well, one storm is over and I am extremely happy about it; thrilled actually. Here is the story of how being steadfast in the Lord, keeping my eyes on Him and praying faithfully, changed my situation and strengthened my faith.

My job situation was NEVER what I thought it was going to be, so one month into my new job, I began looking for work(June). So I kept working there and praying. Working and praying. Well, things got really bad, but I never lost sight and my faith was stronger than ever. (I know I have a way to go, but this is the strongest I’ve ever been in my life)

So, basically, I had to quit my job. I did this last Wednesday. I had taken off work on Monday because I just couldn’t take it anymore to look for jobs. I went to work Tuesday and set up a meeting with my company on Wenesday to address my concerns. I told them my concerns, they didn’t care, nothing was solved, I quit; I had to.

I left the office and went directly to Kinkos and made copies of my resume and went to temp agencies. Went home and made more phone calls and sent out more resumes and applied for more jobs. Thursday, I go to the Washington Post job fair. Talk to some people, pass out my resume etc etc. I forgot to mention my church. My church and the message I receive from it weekly, is simply amazing. Revival was so good that Monday.

So, I wake up Friday morning to a phone call from a contact I had in the past. They needed to fill a position immediately. I sent her an updated copy of my resume, she sent it over and I got the job. Praise Jesus! While it is only temporary,!

I couldn’t be happier! Seriously. I never once worried about my situation, ever. I continued to pray and lean on the Lord. He will always provide for His children. I never worried about paying my bills, or putting gas in my truck or getting groceries; why, because it’s already done and Jesus worked it out and continues to work it out.

My God is an Awesome God! I had to share with you all. We are always going to have storms in our lives, but it is how you choose to deal with and take those storms head on; by prayer and faith. That is it.

The Lord blesses us so much that His blessings overflow! He blesses us in such a way that others will see just how blessed we are. I had to share! The Lord is the best thing in my life. He is the only constant, unchanging force in my life. With that, I can sleep at night, peacefully.

Thanks for listening.



3 Responses to “JESUS worked it out!”

  1. The Narcist Says:

    I know exactly how you feel. I had to quit a job that was more stress then it was worth. For a long time I stayed there b/c I was worried about how I would get things done. But I finally realized that God’s never failed me before and he won’t now. I’m glad you got anew job and I hope you enjoy. I also hope that you meet some cute executive that will wife you up and spoil you so you won’t have to work at all. Then you could introduce me to one of his executive friends! I think I’ve got something here. Work it out!!!

  2. Southern_Lady Says:

    Girl, He is so awesome, I can’t even explain it. Congrats on your job. It’s a way of God opening even more doors for you. It’s wonderful to have a FRIEND who never leaves you.

  3. rebelleBAP Says:

    How good is really is!!! As my best friend would say,”Cue the shouting music!”:)

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