Old hags and the City?

Yo, I know those of you who are fans of Sex and the City may share my sentiments, or maybe not. Below is an IM convo b/t me and my homey. Really though, why are they making the movie now? why!

*B*:ok so what r ur thoughts on the new movie sex and the city movie
FKitty:i posted about carries outfit on styledash i dont knwo if its up yet
FKitty: those bitches are too old for their antics is my opinion
*B*: lol
FKitty: i mean they are like 40
FKitty:running around sleeping with men
FKitty: acting like they are 20
FKitty: i cant watch that shit, can i?
*B*: lol yup
*B*:i don tknoe
*B*:i feel like they r tryna make it some pop icon – esque movie
*B*:but its been too long
*B*: and they r OLD
FKitty: i know
*B*: and miranda is a lesbian
FKitty: hahaha oh yeah
*B*:and i dont want to see kims’s tits
*B*: and SJP already looks like an old witch
*B*:and well who cares about charlott
*B*: and why is that american idol in the movie
*B*: its all too weird
*B*: u know the theatre will be full of house moms wearing damn big flower pins!
FKitty: hahahaaaaaaaaaaaa
FKitty: which damn american idol is in it?
FKitty: J Hud?
FKitty: are they getting a black friend
FKitty: LOL
FKitty: or is she gonna be serving them cosmos
FKitty:damn movie
*B*: lol
*B*: shes going to be carries assistant!
*B*:assistan for what?!
*B*: carrie sits at her apt and types on her macbook like once a day
FKitty: LOL
*B*: what does she need an assistant 4
FKitty: this movie is gonna blow
*B*: u know it!

End scene. I really wish I had my own TV Show…I may take YouTube for a spin…



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