Nailah O Franklin – Missing

I was sent a Myspace bulletin from a friend who used to live in Chicago about Nailah O Franklin who has been missing from Illinois since Tuesday. I don’t know about anyone else, but just reading the articles makes me shudder. Apparently, just recently, she had been receiving threatening text messages and phone calls from someone she used to date. She called the police to file a report and they told her she needed to get a protective order. She didn’t have a chance to get one just yet because she has been busy working; she’s a Phamaceutical rep.(Read the articles below)
This world is SUCH a crazy place! If you have facebook, there is a group, probably more now, but a group called “Supporting the search for Nailah O Franklin” Her family has secured a location near her condo to meet and distribute flyers. Also, tonight there is a prayer meeting for her that will gather outside of her condo building. I truly hope and pray that Nailah will be found alive and returned to her family.

Here are some articles:


2 Responses to “Nailah O Franklin – Missing”

  1. The Diva's Thoughts Says:

    Hearing about this saddened me. I pray so hard that they find this poor girl alive and well.

  2. The Narcist Says:

    they found her body, so sad

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