Pantone revived the Fashionista

Wow! So I woke up with Pantone on my mind. Like I was seriously contemplating the seriousness of Pantone on the world; the fashion world to be exact. And how it infiltrates every single aspect of our lives, wardrobes and fashion choices whether we realize it or not.

Remember that scene in Devil Wears Prada where Andy laughs at the girl trying to decide between two similar looking turqouise belts that she claimed were the ‘same.’ Didn’t you cringe a little inside when Miranda went off on her about finding her yucky blue sweater in the bottom of a bargain bin at some store LOL! and she sternly pointed out that the sweater color had been hand picked for her as evidenced in a collection showing Cerulean gowns…oh I could go on forever, I swear! (P.S. – I found it on youtube but it has it has been taken down, booooo)

Anyways, what brought this on is my new OPI nail polish that I bought yesterday called Lincoln Park at Midnight; a cute sparkly version of the Lincoln Park After Dark that I so loved! So I was so much in love with the new Russian Collection with its rich, dark hues and this one polish color that looked so inky black with a touch of purple sparkles, but when you put it on it was a fabulous navy! OMG! I am SO inspired to begin my hunt for the perfect Fall pieces to compliment my new nail polish favorites!

Yeah, yeah I’m late on getting my Fall stuff but you have no idea! I have been in a fashion funk lately and haven’t been inspired. I mean I let my September Vogue sit on my table, STILL wrapped in plastic for about two weeks before I even opened it! Then when I did, I found ONE piece to be inspired by and that was a fabulous pair of Ferragamo sky-scrapers! Aren’t they fabulous! I love them to pieces, seriously and with this Chanel dress I saw on Jennifer Aniston! You couldn’t talk to me lol I’d be too bad! Ha, like I can afford these shoes or the dress, but alas! I was inspired!

So thanks to those wonderful talking heads that run Pantone, bless them, these fabulous ‘Russian’ inspired colors that they picked out, oh about two years ago, have revived the fashionista in me!!!

Peace out peoples!!!



One Response to “Pantone revived the Fashionista”

  1. The Narcist Says:

    i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again. you’re a G if you can walk in those sky scrapers! i gotta commend you on yoru swagger.

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