Water or Frutopia?

Bare with me, if you will as I explain. Say you go to your fridge and there is a sugar-laden, bad-for-you Frutopia and your Brita pitcher filled to the brim with clean, crisp, good-for-you water. Which do you choose?

So I was talking to my boy about puffy, dark circles and how he can get rid of them. (‘no homo’ as guys say, hey, we all gotta take care of ourselves!) I suggested number one, that he drink plenty of water; Water is good for you, good for your health and well being. Well he then went on to say how he only drinks water, A. after too much drinking and B. if it’s a last resort. This is where it gets interesting. He comes up with an analogy on Frutopia and water and how it relates, in his mind, to women. Enjoy the following IM convo betwixt us:

Him: man i drink water
Him: when im too drunk
Him: besides that
Him: all i drink is juice
Him: and soda
Me: see
Him: and redbull
Me: all i drink is water, green tea and when i go out alcohol
Him: man
Him: i be mad when theres only water to drink
Him: that shyt be like a last resort
Him: like fuck
Him: i guess i’ll drink some of this
colorless flavorless liquid
Him: but
water is like a 4 or 5 chick
Him: she
good for u
Him: and will hold u down
Him: but u want that dime piece
Me: LOL what!
Him: that exotic chick
Him: thas gonna brake your heart
Him: u wan that fruitopia chick
Him: not water
Him: water
always there
Him: frutopia is limited
Me: wth
Him: lol
Me: fine drink your sugary liquids
Him: no
Him: help me
Him: i neeed water
Him: water
Me: but really though, in your analogy of comparing women to water and frutopia, LOL, why would u want a bangin chick thats ultimately going to break your heart when you could have that girl who’s always going to be there no matter what?
Him: cuz
Him: fruitopia taste good
Him: even
though its bad for u
Him: that join is
bangin on the way down
Me: lol and
Him: i dunno
Him: water is aiight
Him: i’ll drink it when i have to
Him: but best believe if i have some fruitopia
Him: im a miss it
Me: hhahahahahahaahahahahaha
Him: when its not around
Him: and think about it
Him: even though its not good
Him: and i’ll drink water
Him: cuz its always there
Him: but deep down inside
Him: im imaginin water is fruitopia
Him: smh

So there you have it. Ladies, are you your man’s water or his Frutopia??? Fellas, is this how you really feel??



3 Responses to “Water or Frutopia?”

  1. Mustafa Şenalp Says:

    Your blog is very nice:)

  2. The Narcist Says:

    LMAO! you’re friend is hilarious. i hope i’m a fruitopia, but a diet fruitopia cuz i don’t want to be bad for anybody

  3. Senika Says:

    I feel like I’m vitamin water. I have the major benefits of water with a lil sugar added…but I’m still yummy going down. LOL

    That was an informative convo though. =)

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