In my head/heart

I woke up mad early this morning with all these thoughts and words swirling around my head, flipped open my laptop and wrote this down…

The day I met you was filled with so much –
Excitement, anticipation, nervousness, but
All of that was non existant when
You kissed me when I kissed you
Nothing else mattered in the world except, us

Wrapped up in your arms, looking into your eyes
Looking into mine, seeking, searching, peering into –
My heart, but you already had it because
You were my Sunshine

Then I hit send and closed my laptop and haven’t checked that email all day…


4 Responses to “In my head/heart”

  1. The Narcist Says:

    i see why you’re frightened to check your email. letters like this should be put on hold for a day and then sent. hopefully you get the results you’re expecting and if not now you know whats up.

  2. *B* Fab Says:

    nah, not frightened, just don’t feel like checking it. I put it out there and so what! Plus I’m expecting nothing, that’s the beauty of it, it came to mind, I wrote it, I sent it, done 🙂

  3. The Narcist Says:

    see thats why i like you you’re not the “typical” female (like myself) who would do nothing and obsess or who would do that and then jump off a bridge!

  4. Senika Says:

    hahaha not jump off a bridge. yeah i agree. i commend you for just putting it out there and moving on with the day. u expressed how u felt and that was satisfaction enough. fierce! =)

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