Found it!!!

Remember my post on how I SO needed this dress Ashanti was wearing well, I sent the dress to my good friend Fashion Kitty to track down also. Well it so happens that I checked my email Saturday afternoon and someone named Lauren found the EXACT dress!!! It’s by LaRock, which I adore immensely, but alas, since I don’t have my 33% discount from managing at Nordstrom, do not purchase this line anymore haha! AND my friend from work got an email over the weekend from Intermix, where this dress can be purchased for a whopping $298 + tax and shipping

So now I am contemplating how I can finagle purchasing this dress without feeling INSANE for spending that much on a JERSEY knit frock with FABULOUS sequins!!! I NEED this dress! I am hoping I can find it in the light heathered grey that I want, but if not I will settle for the black version because it is equally just as fabulous! Thanks Lauren and Erica for helping me find my dress!!! Besos to you ladies!!!

My homey Fashion Kitty LaRok’s! haha! She’s the one who found it for me!!! Yippeeee!!!



One Response to “Found it!!!”

  1. FashionKitty Says:

    Thanks for love. That’s the last time I use my real name on a comment. I must come to accept the fact that Kitty is now my real name.

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