It’s been a long time!

I had SUCH a crazy weekend. (read, actually crazy, and no not crazy fun!) so I had to recover from that. Then this week has just been full of SO much to do and not enough time for *B* to get her beauty rest so I have been so not 100% this week! I’m not sure I’ll be there until Saturday when I can sleep in, go to the gym and work it out for a couple hours, then go party it up fabulous Saturday night.

I know what you all have been up to because I have been perusing all of your blogs to keep me going through the LONG boring days at work! I know I have been tagged by Busy Bee and Skinny Black Chick; I will get to that. 🙂

In the midst of everything too, I missed my blog ONE year anniversary!!! It all started on October 19, 2006. I loved reading all the blogs and decided the world needed my P.O.V. on some things too! I definitely couldn’t decide which direction to take my blog, so I did a little bit of this and a little bit of that. There are PLENTY fashion blogs, all of which I love. PLENTY of gossip blogs, again, all of which I love. But I found I connected more to the blogs that people used as their outlet, their public diary; putting their thoughts out there for strangers to read and comment on if they so wished.

I found that I truly enjoyed writing my thoughts out ranging from fashion, religion, life, shopping, boys, men, relationships, work etc. I felt I couldn’t fully commit to just ONE topic! If I had, I’d have like 5 different blogs by now!!! Anywhoo, I am having my talented boy give my blog a MUCH needed facelift and while looking for images, I was torn as to what my header and background should be. I’m not going to change the direction of my blog, I like it how it is; I may just start another one though, dedicated to a special project that I’m working on ;-).

I (heart) all of you who frequent my blog and leave your comments. It’s definitely a small blogworld out here as I have discovered many bloggers right here in the good ole D M V!!!

Anyways, I had to write because I haven’t blogged in quite some time! I am mucho distracted by my DVRd episodes of General Hospital so I have lost focus!



4 Responses to “It’s been a long time!”

  1. Black Girl Interrupted Says:

    hey girly! it must be something in the air making people crazy busy. i’m right there with ya.

  2. Southern_Lady Says:

    Happy Anniversary! I just thought about it. Mine was last month, too! Glad everything is getting back to normal and I’m still laughting at Marc Jacobs.

  3. Philly's Andrea Says:

    This is a really cute site. I ‘ll be back to look around.


  4. The Narcist Says:

    happy anniversary! what would the blogsphere be with out B*?

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