But it’s just a sweet, sweet fantasy, baby

So I’m having a GREAT dream! Fabulous, dammit! I mean it’s pretty vivid, my mind is working over time, and in the background I hear Mariah crooning, “So deep in my daydreams…” But I keep on ‘dreaming’ I will set it up for you…

I’m sitting in my ginormous kitchen eating a fruit bowl, watching the big screen tv of my press conference I had just had that afternoon. I was relaxing, just finished texting with my hubby; he was on a flight home from a conference. And through the door breezes my ultra fabulous and fly man! He surprised me by coming home early! Ofcourse I jump off the granite countertop to meet him with a kiss! We have this passionate exchange of kisses and “I Love You, Baby’s”…and Mariah…”When I close my eyes/You come and you take me”

So anyways! He wants to hear ALL about my fantastic press conference; which by the way, he attended, but I didn’t find out until he told me, stinker! I’m gushing about this and that, and that handsome devil is sitting back with this sly grin! He then tells me he was there, that he left the conference early to see his baby! Oh, it was SO on then!!!

And no, this was NOT a sex dream! This dream was significant for the simple fact that we had been married for two years and for the first time EVER in a dream about marriage or kids for me, I can see the man’s face! So I’m going on with my ‘daydream’/ fantasy – whatever!

We are just enjoying each other, talking about how we are going to take over the world, etc etc – normal discussions that take place in our household, while we are at work, and via text messages 🙂 We are SO having a moment and he looks me dead in the eye and says, “Babe, remember what I told you my father said, about having a family?” He looked so cute in his shirt and tie – I said, “Yeah…”

He goes on to tell me that he thinks it’s time that we start thinking about a family. I panic, duh! My business has just taken off and I’m finally living out my dreams as well as he living his! Why bring kids into it – But he was SO serious. -Mariah – “Feels like I’m dreaming/But I’m not sleeping”

And that ladies and gentlemen, is when *B* woke up; with a huge smile on her face. But I woke up and just smiled. I smiled at the thought of me and him actually being together and being married. I smiled that my mind is always painting pictures that are in my heart. I smiled because I just couldn’t get Mariah’s damn song out of my head! – hey, dreams do come true 😉

I’m in heavenWith my boyfriend
My lovely boyfriend
There’s no beginning
And there is no end
Feels like I’m dreaming
But I’m not sleeping

(It’s just a) sweet, sweet fantasy, baby
When I close my eyes
You come and you take me
(On and on and on)
So deep in my daydreams
But it’s just a sweet, sweet fantasy, baby


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