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Can’t Wait for 2008!

December 30, 2007

New Year 2008 Glitter Graphics from

I for one can’t wait for 2008! I am so excited for all the possibilities, new experiences, NEW JOB! new everything!!! I hope you all have a blessed and SAFE! New Year!!! Don’t do anything, I wouldn’t do! LOL!!! I’m going to be in church this year with my Mom and lil brother Jordan; what are you all’s plans???

I don’t realy have any resolustions because I feel like any changes I want(ed) to make have already been set in motion.  Only thing I really want to do is go greener than I already am! That will be a challenge, but it will be a good, healthy challenge! What are your New Year’s resolutions???

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Love HIM Like I Do

December 27, 2007

Hello world (read, those few of you who stop by 🙂 ) Just wanted to post this song by Dietrick Haddon, “Love Him Like I Do.”  I absolutely love this song!!! If you don’t live in an area where you can get Praise 104.1 I feel sorry for you! It’s the GREATEST station EVER!!! 24/7 constant Gospel music! I don’t listen to anything else, ever! Ever since It came out, my radio has been tuned to 104.1.  It’s got those songs that you need to hear, right at that moment! 

This morning they played a mix for me lol! A medley of “The Storm is over now”, “Trouble Don’t Last Always”, “Love Him Like I Do” and a few others. I mean, come on, how could you not be inspired and feel the love of God from those songs!  I’ve been going through IT and I appreciate having 104.1 to turn to during the day and night; it truly gets me through the days sometimes. 

I truly hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!! And I pray you all have a prosperous New Year!!! I for one can say I am glad, no THRILLED to see 2007 go away and am excited for all the new possibilities for 2008!

 *besos*, B

Love Him Like I Do 

I had to tell you first
The Pastor of the church
My folks and friends
Listen to these words
See GOD save me (yeah)
From myself when no one else was around
And it was only by his grace
His mercy is favor
Cause I know I don’t deserve
All the love he shows (oh)
And how he let me know (oh)
He never brought me side
That’s why I love him like I do
I Love him like I do
I Love him like I do
That’s why I love him like I do
I, I

See I got a testimony how to save my soul
For hours just sinner left in the floor
Give me a second chance
Save me from myself
Came to my rescue
When I needed help

You want to know why, I love him the way I do
That’s when the enemy said I was thru
He took me from the bottom
And put me on the top
He laid his hands on me
That’s why I can’t be stopped

That’s why I love him like I do
I Love him like I do (my my my)
I Love him like I do (I do, I do, do do do)
That’s why I love him like I do (I love him like I do I love him like I do)
I, I

Somebody told me we overcome by our testimony
Bet you wouldn’t believe how doubt and fear use to paralyze me
God’s hand let me thru the test
And he brought out the very best of me

And now I never forget
Gonna tell the world what you mean to me (ye… ah… yeah

That’s why I love him like I do
I Love him like I do
I Love him like I do
That’s why I love him like I do
I, I

Let me tell you why I love
Because he been so good me
He takes care of me
He keeps love me yeah
I love him
I love him

I Love him like I do
I Love him like I do
I Love him like I do
I Love him like I do

CUTEST gift ever! Thanks MOM!!

December 25, 2007

Look what my mom got me! It’s SOOOOOOO adorable and SOOOOO perfect for me! It’s the Juicy Couture Travel set with matching pillow, blanket AND eye mask!!! And it’s all Pink! lol! So cute and girly and so wonderful for traveling!  I can’t wait for my next vacay (A cruise through the Southern Caribbean in March, LORD willing!) and travels so I can use my ULTRA cute Juicy set! How genious!


The best of *B*

December 17, 2007

Well since I’m rollin out on ya’ll because I can’t take life anymore, I decided I’d go back through my year+ long blog and pick out some of my favorite posts…enjoy peoples 🙂

Yeah, men again – Written in April…things haven’t changed LOL

i used to… – I’m glad we are speaking again and that I def know we never would have worked out!

My Office(Cube) Space – I sorta kinda miss that cube *tear*

Random – yup, just as the title says

STONE – It’s my mantra

Dear W Magazine – I wish I actually sent this!

WHY? – LOL!!! this is just funny!

Kid for a day – Oh how I long for Spring/Summer

I did it again – LOL!!! I’m a sappy idiot! That post cracks me up! Here is the follow up to it, also equally as funny! Want to know what is even MORE funny is I can’t even remember what happened to us LOL!!!!!!! 

Jesus worked it out – *on my knees praying* Please, Lord, work it out again because I can’t take this!

Pantone and the Fashionista – Pantone, learn it, love it, live it

Sweet, sweet fantasy, baby – yeah, fantasy – now I actually reallllly like the boy; wtf ugh!

Alright homeskillets – I’m out. PEACE!!!

Fab chick in need of some advice

December 17, 2007

So I’m at one of my jobs, standing around because no damn body is truly going to still be doing some mad dash shopping on this Sunday night till 11; there is just NO way! But since I am getting paid to do absolutely nothing, I decided I will use my time wisely and blog away via phone 🙂

I wil also use this as my forum for some advice from you; you who actuallt still read this space of mine. So this is my thing…
I’ve known this guy since Sophomore year college ( I’ve written about him on here before; my motivator, we push each other to do better and be the absolute best!) Anyways, we have only once previously kissed and that was waaaay back in the day. Noting special but we have remained really good friends for years! I truly heart him,but we are friends.

Recently, like over the summer, my feelings for him have become more. And now all I do is think about how he and I would be SO good together! Only problem is, I am being a chicken and won’t sya anything to him about it. I almost did one time then the drunken me backed out. I thought it would be a good idea to tell him while liquored up, that way if he didn’t feel the same I could blame the alcohol.

So my solution has been to drop hints LOL!! You know, talking more, veing a bit more flirtatious etc etc. Now we talk all the time about everything, Everything. Yet I just can’t bring myself to put it al out there. ItLs a lot easier for me to do that with someone I don’t see being with long term than with someone I have actual, legitimate feelings for.

Also, don’t think I’m crazy and just cooked this up out of nowhere. He has been saying and doing certain things too that just made me wonder if? So, to my blog homies, what is this fab chick to do? How do I bring it up to him? How should I proceed with caution? Help me out! lol OK thanks and I eagerly await your wise responses.


Mi Vida loca? not so loca? Esta MUCHA loca!!!

December 12, 2007

Yo What up world! It’s *B* and ummmmm I LUV my solo-grande-skinny-extra caramel-caramel frap…or however the girl told me to order it next time! LOL! Those Starbucks Baristas are a hooooot! Oh yeah I forgot to mention…life blows 🙂 oh that’s right, I am happy though for the following reasons:

  • I am alive
  • I am breathing
  • I can see, hear, touch, feel, taste, talk
  • I have clothes on my back, food on my table, a roof over my head
  • A working mini SUV with some gas in it
  • More jobs than I thought I’d ever have in my life right now
  • Some change in the bank
  • Loving family – even though they get on my nerves
  • Friends – yeah even though they, too get on my nerves
  • A working smart phone – aha! see, no longer a cell phone, but a grown up Smart Phone
  • Some bills paid for
  • Just got back from a weekend jaunt to Miami with the girls

I could go on and on! See that’s the thing, when you THINK life blows, take a step back and examine allll the blessings and goodness that God has bestowed upon you! Seriously, I am in the storm of a lifetime but you see that list up there, yup for all of those things and more I am thankful! You must praise Him in the midst of your storm! How else are you going to get through it huh? Exactly!!! ahhh, feels good to get that off my chest!

Peace out peoples! back to my solo-…ah screw it! My light caramel extra caramel shot of expresso no whip grande goodness!!!!!!!!

Girls gone SoBe

December 6, 2007


 That’s right! Me y mis tres amigas are going to South Beach to party it up FABULOUSO!!! YAY!!! It’s going to be 80 degrees allll weekend!  We are staying in this magnificent 2bd/ba condo right in SoBe!!! Hell yeah! This is what I hope to be doing Saturday afternoon to recover for the next day 😉


I can’t WAIT to get on the plane tomorrow and leave the snow on the ground and head into SUN!!! We are going to celebrate mi amiga Kristen’s birthday! I wish we were staying longer than the weekend, but really, a weekend of straight partying is good for me! Plus I get to see some of my people from FSU that I haven’t seen in 4 almost 5 years!!

 I’m just looking at the clock, willing it to be 5 so I can run out of the office and run around town to finish some last minute things.  Oh yeah, where’s a fun spot to go on Saturdays? We are going to Mansion tomorrow but nothing set in stone yet for Saturday.  So if you party in Miami and know of some spots we MUST hit, let me know.

 Peace out homeskillets!!!

Northern Virginia Drivers SUCK!!!!

December 6, 2007


OK! So it’s the first snow of the season…whooop deeee doooo! Well damn if it didn’t shut the WHOLE Northern Virginia driving system, our highways, down! Oh, but wait, don’t let me lead you to think this was some sort of 1 foot blizzard…no!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why then if there was no snow on the road, NONE I tell ya, CLEAR roads, did it take me…1 1/2 hours, yes, 1.5 hours to go….wait for it….wait….8 MILES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!


The above pics were taken just a mere 3 miles from my home while I sat in the dumb ass traffic! As you can see, yes, my inspection sticker is past due, LOL!!! Oh well, I will take care of it later!  Anyways as you can see there is NO snow on the road but only a DUSTING of like an INCH on the grass! THE GRASS!!!!  WOW! I am SO over this area! Needless to say, traffic came to a complete halt and I was like, UM, I WILL not sit in my car for another two hours to go some 10 more miles, NO SIR! I took it home.

So, basically, I am ULTRA happy that I am jaunting off to the MIAyaoooooooo for the weekend.  That’s right, 80 degree weather ALL weekend!  Snow, what snow?  I’m already there in my mind.  Friday can’t come fast enough, seriously!

Well, Well, Well

December 4, 2007


Don’t I suck! I haven’t posted nothing in too many days! Do you even read this blog anymore? LOL! I read all of yours via my blog that I never post on haha! Life has been hectic, but yeah, when is it not?! Anywho, I’m not here to talk about that; I’m here to shoot the shyt and show you what I’ve been doing all day instead of working…yup, that’s right, I said instead of working 🙂 work will always be there, but these Luxe gifts I have been recommending at ThisNext won’t!

There is this fantastic new contest over at ThisNext where a $300 gift card to eLuxury is at stake. Yup, $300!!! I already know what I’d put that toward so I’m truly hoping I win! It would be the best! See below for some of my picks and I would say enter the contest for yourself, but ummmm I’m selfish and I want to win, so uh, don’t enter LOL! j/p 🙂

See more of my Lux list at ThisNext.